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Gendo, an AI Architecture platform that transforms how architects and designers bring ideas and sketches to life, has raised an oversubscribed €1 million pre-seed round.

The round was led by Concept Ventures, with participation from Ascension Ventures, Carles Reina’s Baobab Ventures, and several AI and architecture angels, including WeWork’s former Global Head of Design Studios.

Several worldwide architecture practices, including Zaha Hadid Architects, KPF, David Chipperfield Architects, and Benoy, are already using Gendo in beta. The proprietary platform, which uses a unique blend of generative AI models and machine learning approaches, can transform concepts into spectacular visualizations in seconds and add and alter aspects from scratch based on text prompts.

These visualizations are an important part of the architectural process, typically utilized to assist win competitive bids and advance projects from concept to construction. Architects are currently spending weeks and thousands of dollars on producing attractive visualizations and the details that populate them.

George Proud, CEO and co-founder of Gendo, said:

“Mainstream generative image platforms can be impressive, but they simply aren’t fit for purpose when it comes to sectors like architecture and design. Precision and attention to detail are vital in our line of work. We created Gendo specifically for these experts; our AI platform accelerates design work and fosters innovation.”

Gendo can create complex, lifelike visualizations using 2D drawings, sketches, or text inputs. Users select from various choices generated by each prompt on Gendo. Unlike popular generative picture sites, they can alter the visualizations. They can hide and adjust partitions, and add or remove elements like colors, lighting, and structural features.

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To achieve precise perfection in every visualization, architects and designers can use a variety of specially designed features. With a single click, for instance, builders and designers will soon be able to include elements like furniture from a particular era, individuals dressed appropriately for their culture, and even topographically accurate trees. Because of this, Gendo lets designers maintain complete control and precision throughout the design process.

Gendo will use the pre-seed funding to grow its London-based staff, expedite the release of new features for architects and designers, and enhance the capabilities of its own AI Architecture tools. The platform is now available in early access following a successful beta launch that included several well-known figures from the architectural sector.

Carles Reina of Baobab Ventures, said:

“You can’t find a better founder-market fit than George and Will. They are not only industry leaders in AEC, but they have also developed and introduced the best product available, which is being utilized by some of the most prestigious companies globally. Instead of needing phased process changes, architecture, and design needed a new approach that would allow them to do more work at a faster rate without sacrificing quality. It’s Gendo here.”

Concept Ventures’ Oliver Kicks, a partner, continued, saying:

“We are thrilled to have led Gendo’s pre-seed round last year. Moreover, we firmly think that in the post-AI era, products developed by (and for) domain experts may significantly increase workplace productivity and improve daily processes by orders of magnitude. We are eager to see what an amazing team produces next.”

Image Credit: Gendo


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