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Learn how NBC will use AI version of Al Michaels voice to deliver daily summaries of the Paris Olympics on Peacock while generating millions of unique updates for the viewers.


Peacock, which belongs to NBC, will air the Paris Olympics with a machine-generated description by an AI copy of Al Michaels. This ambitious strategy will allow the client to receive a personal feed of fresh content every day.

How It Works

In the category Daily News/by Genre/Today’s Olympics from NBC, users can select their Olympic update. Type in your name, select up to 3 types of sports and then select about 2 kinds of highlights. Every morning, you will receive a daily summary relevant to your selected categories.

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Ensuring Quality

NBC checks quality since an editorial team reviews all the content that is to be aired. This is done for the sake of eliminating chances for mistakes while ensuring that mathematical calculations are carried out as accurately as possible, even if sometimes the AI may also err.

The Technology Behind It

The source of the training data for the AI voice was Michaels’ previous appearances on NBC. NBCUniversal designed it in-house using algorithms that integrate large language models with voice synthesis to obtain a natural interaction with the audience.

Millions of Unique Recaps

During such events, NBC predicts that around 7 million highly distinct recaps would be given. The AI will be dictating reports for a plethora of sports of which all have different terminologies and also has to recognize athletes from all corners of the globe.


From July 28th, the AI Al Michaels recaps will be out for the Internet browsers active in the application and the Peacock application on iOS and Android. Again, the personalized recaps start on July 28th after the opening ceremony.

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