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Ludimos, an Amsterdam-based business that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize Cricket teaching has received further funding from the Dutch Sports Tech Fund.

The Dutch investor supports innovative, scalable sports technology products and data from scale-ups and new startups. It concentrates on sports tech markets like esports, OTT streaming, fantasy sports, VR, fan interaction, performance monitoring and enhancement, and data & analytics.

Although cricket is not the most popular sport in the Netherlands, there are 460 million cricket players globally, according to Alexander Janssen, CEO of the Dutch Sports Tech Fund. Indian folk sports are the most popular. Therefore, Ludimos has tremendous potential.

Ludimos has gained popularity with large clubs like the Indian Royal Challengers Bangalore and nine national unions, including the KNCB because many clubs and associations lack the resources to build their ICT systems. We will work with Ludimos to make the most of technology’s potential in the cricket business, says Janssen.

Ludimos is a sports-tech firm that aids cricket players and clubs all around the world with their player development. It was founded in 2018 by Madan Rajagopal. The startup wants to transform cricket instruction and make broadcast-quality analytics accessible to everyone.

Rajagopal says, “Indian teams use AI to scout new top players by scanning more than 10,000 profiles. It provides an opportunity for amateurs to be found by clubs at the top level. This has led to the sale of a first-round draft pick to another team. We may be most pleased with that.

He explains, “I realized that my weekly training sessions might be a lot smarter during that time. I had experience with AI and recognized applications for it in my favorite sport. Almost everyone owns a smartphone and can either record their game themselves or have it recorded. The players can immediately identify what has to be improved by analyzing that data. Other sports demonstrate the value of data, but cricket still has a lot to learn in this area.

Rajagopal desires that Ludimos become a required piece of every cricket team’s practice attire.

“Our technology is useful for other sports as well. Why can’t baseball, hockey, golf, tennis, badminton, and other sports use the AI that teaches cricket players to play better? We may benefit from the Dutch Sports Tech Fund’s network and best practices from the training software it has developed for other sports.

The Dutch startup’s app currently has roughly 19,000 users, including the Indian Premier League, and the Dutch, Scottish, German, and Spanish cricket organizations.

Image Credit: Ludimos


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