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Meta and Apple, Tech giants have been in talks for the Generative AI collaboration within the framework of Apple Intelligence. This partnership for Apple is for the development of the company’s AI capacities, as well as the diversification of its market presence.


Apple has waded deeper into the artificial intelligence (AI) waters. More recently, it released Apple Intelligence and a partnership between Apple and OpenAI to incorporate ChatGPT into Siri. This leads us to believe that Apple is yet again in the works of another large-scale partnership with Meta, Facebook’s parent company. It could potentially deepen Apple’s stake in the AI market and set the stage for AI expansions into other industries.

A Strategic Partnership:

This was reported by the Wall Street Journal, Apple is said to be in negotiations with Meta to adopt generative AI from Meta in the Apple Intelligence. These are still, rather preliminary discussions, and it may well be that these talks will not lead to any practical outcomes. Meta did not indicate how it will proceed in the case, and Apple has not yet responded to requests to confirm the situation.

Practical Approach to AI:

Apple is not dreamy about AI, at least not in the same way as the big technology firms based in Silicon Valley. Rather than risk introducing radical concepts that have no chance of breaking through into homes, it beefs up what it already provides with AI bells and whistles which include writing aids and its own set of emojis. Skills development may be more suitable for the general use of AI across more industries. If Apple works with a range of partners, it will not only expand the range of AI models that it uses for its services but also replace its models in case they are not effective. It would also affirm Meta’s generative AI technology to partner with a company of this scale and numerical success.

Revenue Framework & Data Protection:

Apple’s proposed partnerships, such as Meta, would not require a payment of any sort in Apple’s strategic partnership plan. However, these partners could sell additional subscriptions at a higher price directly through Apple, and in return, Apple could get a certain percentage of the sales. This model benefits AI companies by reaching out to the already-formed Apple users without having to make the initial investment.

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It is important to note that the issue of user privacy is still heavily considered at Apple. It has declared that it complies with users to respond to the chat application or share information with ChatGPT and will most likely do the same with Meta’s AI integration. This commitment is to reduce the risks that entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk have expressed when it comes to the deeper integration of AI into Apple devices.

European Union Challenges:

Apple Intelligence is set to be released this year with the current iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. But it won’t be available in the EU as Apple suffered from the Digital Markets Act (DMA). Apple maintains that some aspects of interoperability imposed by the DMA could threaten the customer’s privacy and personal data integrity. As such, other elements such as iPhone Mirroring and SharePlay Screen Sharing, among others, will also not be available in the EU region.

Future Implications:

Meta can become a new supplier for Apple to decrease the over-dependency on an outsider AI developer and add value to its service. Apple is also potentially working with other new AI companies like Anthropic and Perplexity. These dialogues demonstrate that Apple has been keen to establish and foster a strong ecosystem of AI by partnering with other firms.

Stock Market Impact:

We have seen that Apple’s share price is sustaining at the $197 level and similarly Meta’s share price might attract value in the $446 area. Nevertheless, selling pressure could drive Meta close to its highest level of $531. 49. Such advances in the technology of deploying AI partnerships can pose certain effects on stock movement and the overall perception of investors.


The possibility of Apple collaborating with Meta opens the company up to centering the development of new telephones on better AI technology. In this case, by integrating Meta’s generative AI into Apple’s platforms and products while prioritizing use cases, Apple plans to improve its offerings and develop additional AI-based services. Thus, with the emergence of such collaboration and considering other possible AI mergers, Apple is set to become a major player in the process of AI development.

Image Credit: Apple/Meta


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