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AI Assistan Startup: Donna
Europe Startups

Belgium’s Donna raises €1.5 Million to be the AI Assistant for mobile sales reps

Donna, an AI assistant that allows salespeople on the go to focus on selling, has raised €1.6 million. The round

Methane Emissions solution by atmio
Europe Startups

Methane Emissions detection solution by atmio gets funding to launch innovative solutions, aiding gas operators in leak detection and compliance

atmio, an operating system for easily discovering, repairing, and reporting methane emissions has secured €5.1 million in a seed round.

Industrial IoT Solutions startup FOSSA Systems
Europe Startups

FOSSA Systems raises €6.3 Million in a funding to boost Industrial IoT Solutions

FOSSA Systems, a startup that provides global industrial IoT solutions and Space Technologies, announced it has raised €6.3 million in

AI Automation Startup - Cognigy
Europe Startups

Cognigy secures €100 Million in a series C round to boost AI Automation globally

Cognigy, a global pioneer in AI-first customer service automation, today announced that it has secured €100 million in Series C

Clinical Trial Revolutionized by Rivia's
Europe Startups

Rivia, a Swiss startup that specializes in AI-driven analytics and clinical trial data infrastructure for BioTech snaps €3 million in a seed round

Rivia, a Swiss business that specializes in AI-driven analytics and clinical trial data infrastructure for BioTechs, has closed a €3

Italian Founders Fund
Europe Startups

Italian Founders Fund launches €50M venture capital to empower Italy’s next generation of remarkable talent and digital innovation

Italian Founders Fund (IFF), the first Italian Venture Capital fund founded by founders for founders, has announced the launch of

Embedded Applications Startup: Synthara
Europe Startups

Synthara raises €10.5M to expand embedded applications in market

Synthara, a Swiss semiconductor pioneer, announced the completion of €10.5 million in funding to expand embedded applications and bring in-memory

Second-Hand Shopping Faircado's AI-Powered Solution
Europe Startups

Faircado’s raises €3M to revolutionize second-hand shopping with its AI technology assistant

Faircado successfully raised €3 million in a pre-seed fundraising round for its cutting-edge AI-powered second-hand shopping assistant. Investors: Europe’s top

MyCoprotein startup Enifer
Europe Startups

MyCoprotein startup Enifer raises €36 million, leading the way in sustainable protein innovation

French, MyCoprotein startup Enifer, has announced the conclusion of a fundraising round of €36 million. The fresh funding will allow

Infrastructure Efficiency & Cloud Based App Dev: Codesphere
Europe Startups

Codesphere raises €16.5 million to boost infrastructure efficiency and enhance cloud-based app development

Codesphere, a platform enhancing infrastructure efficiency by enabling developers to create and grow sophisticated cloud-based apps, has raised €16.5 million