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WhatsApp Context Card

WhatsApp’s recent New Context Card for Carrying More Details of a User Boosts their Safety

Another feature introduced to WhatsApp is a context card that makes it easier for users to get more information about

Google Passkey

Now You Can Protect Your high-risk Google Account with a Single-use Passkey

See how the Advanced Protection Program by Google lets you protect your high-risk Google account with a single passkey. It

Open AI's ChatGPT macOS App

ChatGPT macOS App Security issue solved by OpenAI with encryption

Find out how OpenAI addressed security issues in their ChatGPT macOS app by encrypting conversations that are saved. Understand the

Mastodon’s Social

Mastodon’s Social new feature will increase the visibility of journalists

Explore Mastodon a tool designed to help journalists promote themselves and gain more followers: New byline. Find out how Mastodon’s

Multimodal AI: Moshi by Kyutai
News Startups

Kyutai Unveils Moshi: A pivotal modification in Multimodal AI

Learn how Kyutai became the first company to open-source its AI model Moshi, developed for real-time multimodal conversations. Find out

America Europe News Website

Netflix Phases out Cheapest Ad-Free Plan: Here is what You Must Know

Existing subscribers who were on the ad-free and cheapest plan will be migrated gradually by Netflix. Find out about the

Figma CEO

Figma suspending AI design tool as it spurs criticism

Learn how Figma shut down its AI design tool following the accusation of stealing Apple’s Weather app design. Read up

Wireless Horipad for Steam
News Reviews

New Wireless Horipad for Steam: Launch Details and Features

Find out about the New Wireless Horipad for Steam, which will be released in Japan officially on October 31st. Find


fediverse: Moving the World of Social Networking

Explore the fediverse, an exciting social media that disrupts the current state of online communication and guarantees the availability of

YouTube Premium Plan

Features of Upcoming YouTube Premium Plans

Learn about Premium changes that YouTube has prepared this year and various interesting new options, such as the ability to