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Autoscriber, an Eindhoven-based startup, wants to use technology to improve healthcare. The business has just received further funding as the market for cutting-edge health-tech solutions expands.

Co-leading the €1.2 million seed round were the Brabant Development Agency and LUMO Labs (BOM). The money will be utilized to expand the Autoscriber team and speed up technological advancement.

The provision of healthcare is a necessity in daily living. However, healthcare systems everywhere are under stress. Healthcare systems are facing overwhelming obstacles, compounded by systemic flaws and the effects of a worldwide epidemic. The expanding health-tech sector may be able to provide solutions to these issues.

As stress and pressure increase, the number of medical pressures is currently dropping. The necessity to automate processes and documentation, combined with aging populations, places a tremendous burden on doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals worldwide. Autoscriber just received more financing to address this.

According to Autoscriber co-founder Jacqueline Kazmaier, “Our goal is to make laborious administrative procedures a thing of the past and to put the human-centric part of medical consultations back to the forefront.”

Sven Bakkes, the founding partner of LUMO Labs, Sven Bakkes, said: “Through our Venture Builder Program, we constantly challenge our entrepreneurs in a variety of ways. A superb team that can put a broad vision into action has been assembled by Jacqueline and Koen. We anticipate working with them and their growing team in the future.

Autoscriber, a company founded in 2021, wants to free up doctors from their administrative duties so they may devote all of their attention to their patients. Making healthcare more data-driven and automated has the potential to improve the load on healthcare systems.

The problem is that patient data-driven approaches to care (such as diagnostic support, analytics, and precision medicine) call for extremely thorough patient files or Electronic Health Records (EHRs).

Koen Bonenkamp, a co-founder of Autoscriber, stated that in practice, doctors don’t have enough time to complete EHRs by their intended usage. Because data is either not captured at all or is captured in a subpar format, many important insights to improve healthcare are lost.

As a digital scribe for the doctor, Autoscriber employs AI-powered speech recognition technology to extract structured clinical data from interactions between patients and medical professionals.

Medical professionals can record the chat using their smartphones and receive real-time advice for filling out the EHR thanks to the Autoscriber “Flow” tool. The system reduces waiting times, collects more data, and enhances the doctor-patient consultation process by allowing for more interpersonal interaction.

“Autoscriber’s ever-increasing traction in healthcare indicates the commercial potential of their proposition,” says Andy Lürling, founding partner of LUMO Labs. The increased funds will be utilized to hasten the software’s release and ongoing development, thereby enhancing its impact.

The health-tech entrepreneurs intend to increase product development and grow their workforce with the help of this cash. We’re interested to see what this team has in store and will be keeping a careful eye on them. They captured our interest at the Pitch Competition last year, which makes us even more eager for the event this year!

According to Jaqueline Kazmaier, “Our pre-seed phase was our develop and learn phase. This funding will fund our validation and optimization phase. We have arrived at the point where we have established both the existence of the issue and the viability of the potential solutions we are developing.”

Jaqueline continued, “We find it difficult to keep up with demands for cooperation, which indicates that there is a definite need and willingness for a dramatic change in the market.

Koen Bonenkamp: “Autoscriber will use the extra funding to expand the staff to meet this demand. We have access to a global talent pool thanks to our headquarters at the High Tech Campus and our development office in Cape Town. To be prepared for this exciting next phase, we’ll not only add more technical expertise but also some great operational and commercial recruits.

BOM Investment Manager Robin Hendrickx: “We are delighted to help this outstanding team in developing an AI-first product that significantly enhances healthcare workflows. Autoscriber can significantly lessen doctors’ administrative efforts by utilizing data and AI, which will enhance doctor satisfaction and patient results.

Image Credit: Autoscriber


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