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Create an account today and join WeAreDevelopers, the biggest developer community in Europe! Go to the World Congress 2024 in Berlin and perform live coding battles and join technology discussions and training to expand your skills and make friends with the most talented modern programmers. Secure your ticket now!

WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2024

As stated, the attendees are developers from across the workforce which provides a befitting description of DEVsummit as the world’s premier event to developers.

The WeAreDevelopers World Congress, the biggest gathering focusing on software developers and related industries will take place in Berlin from 17-19 July 2024. You can become a part of the world’s largest and fastest-growing community of software developers with more than 12k members, to explore trends and insights in modern software development. It is a developer’s meeting, a reaction to the lack of platforms that directly address developers and offer networking opportunities.


WeAreDevelopers World Congress has speakers on board who are at the forefront of the technology advancement agenda. Year after year, the gathering presents the chance to meet and interact with some of the pioneers of innovation and influential personas of the IT world, exploring the special features and trends driving the advanced development of information technologies. Some of the known names of the keynoters encompass Scott Farquhar, Co-CEO and Co-founder of Atlassian, Thomas Dohmke, CEO of GitHub, Sue Quackenbush, Chief People Officer of Dynatrace; Noga Mann, Engineering Manager at Figma; Ankit Patel, Senior Director & Product Leader at NVIDIA and currently, Katrin Lehmann, the CIO of Mercedes Benz. Even more outstanding acts are in the pipeline as organizers near the occasion.

WeAreDevelopers LIVE

Live sessions boost skill development. Consequently, WeAreDevelopers LIVE is a series of online events that are essentially an innovative tech conference with presentations, code snippets, and workshops. Moreover, these sessions present proactive information and live practice sessions to show you how to create better applications. Immerse yourself in what has been proven to work by the best of the community to propel yourself to the next level.

Europe’s Ultimate Coding Competition: CODE100

Catch a coding challenge that you’ve never seen before. CODE100 is a live coding event that is quite different from other ones; five top developers from Europe will compete to win the title of Ultimate Coding Champion. The playoffs happen in some of the main tech market areas before the Grand Final takes place. The dynamic duo of individual obstacles, prototypes of double intense pair programming, Flash Quizzes, and adrenaline-pumping ‘The Final Codedown’ make this competition more robust and vigorous. You can participate and feel the great vibes and/or lend support to your favorite developers.

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WeAreDevelopers Tech Talks

These are expert talks Delivered by specialists in the comfort of your workstation or home. You can watch thousands of talks on various topics that were recorded during WeAreDevelopers conferences. There is no better place to look into previously covered topics and delve into new ones as well, as its database is vast and contains the best for any developer. Tech Talks include over two thousand and five hundred of talks recorded during various WeAreDevelopers Events. This provides the audiences with an opportunity to stay updated with the latest developments in the world of software. The website has an option to filter the talks as per one’s area of interest, so no hassle of scrolling through the topics one is not interested in.

Coffee with Developers

Engage in a series of activities witted ‘Coffee with Developers. These are real-life interactions between developers where you not only hear so many experiences and stories but also technical ideas. So, sit back, pour yourself a drink of choice, and listen to the show that will give you more insight into what is happening in the developer sphere.

WeAreDevelopers Magazine

Keep up with professional growth with WeAreDevelopers Magazine. Often it is necessary to read up on current trends and practices that are happening in the field of technology, subscribe to the sources with expert opinions, or receive up-to-date information regarding available tools and approaches. WeAreDevelopers Magazine serves your all needs. This is your one-stop shop for all things career-related and for staying up to date on advancements in your field.


Sign up for WeAreDevelopers and become a member of the European largest and most active developers’ community. Whether you visit the World Congress or compete in live coding events, whether you listen to tech talks and magazines – WeAreDevelopers provides numerous approaches to advance and network with fellow developers.

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