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Berlin-based DeepTech startup alcemy raised $10 million to expand its ground-breaking sustainable concrete and cement decarbonization technology.

Norrsken VC led the round. Prominent climate investors took part in the round as well, such as AENU and Galvanize Climate Solutions.

alcemy will use the fresh funds to enter several new markets in 2024, including the US, and to continue research and development.

This information comes after a recent update on alcemy’s collaboration with Spenner, the fifth-biggest cement producer in Germany. The two businesses achieved a first for the global industry by producing a low-clinker, low-carbon cement mixture in a commercial context.

Leopold Spenner, CEO and co-Founder of alcemy:

“When we started alcemy, we had a big idea: together with the manufacturers, we wanted to decarbonize the cement and concrete sector, which contributes between 5 and 8% of global CO2 emissions. The only previous environments in which we have been able to do what we have in commercial settings are labs. One project at a time, we’re paving the way to a low-carbon building industry with this new funding and support of roughly $10 million from Norrsken VC and our first-round investors.”

alcemy, an AI platform founded in 2018, takes a direct approach to cement decarbonization by offering insightful quality forecasts at ready-mix concrete facilities as well as during the clinker production process. Moreover, cement and concrete manufacturers can lower the clinker content gradually with the help of alcemy’s software, which can reduce emissions by up to 65%.

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Leading cement producer TITAN America, a division of global leader Titan Group, has also joined alcemy’s customer list. F,further, the business will launch its operations in the United States by implementing its AI-driven quality control software at Florida Titan’s cement factory.

Investors Comments:

According to Fabian Heilemann, the founder and CEO of AENU:

“One of the most common materials used to build civilization is concrete. In addition, it is among the world’s top pollutants. alcemy is in a unique position to enable the production of more sustainable cement and concrete at scale with carbon emissions reduced by up to 30% per ton immediately.”

Veery Maxwell, co-head of Galvanize Climate Solutions’ Innovation and Expansion strategy, stated:

“Galvanize is happy to invest alcemy. The business has created a solution that offers a quick chance to cut emissions from one of the hardest industries to eliminate, and, to assist global cement and concrete producers in decarbonizing in a productive, scalable, and efficient manner, we are thrilled to collaborate with alcemy’s elite team.”

Alexander Danielsson, a partner at Norrsken VC, said:

“We are ecstatic to accompany alcemy on their adventure. Moreover, their artificial intelligence (AI) software has a significant market stickiness and enormous worldwide potential, contributing to the real-world fight against climate change. Further, alcemy is poised to lead the charge in revolutionizing the cement and concrete industry worldwide with a clear vision, proven track record, and a great, growing team.”

Image Credit: alcemy


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