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Berlin-based genAI startup, mika raises €800K, aims to remove bureaucratic costs and to automate accounting and tax filings for small enterprises.

Samen Slimmer, a partnership made up of DFF, Slimmer AI, and Keen Venture Partners, spearheaded the financing round.

Founded in 2023, mika creates autonomous agents driven by generative AI to manage tax filings, accounting duties, and financial guidance, thereby improving the efficiency, affordability, and accessibility of financial management for small enterprises.

Christian Gaiser, Alexander Lorenz, and Fabian Wittleben were among the founding investors of mika and were instrumental in the startup’s early development. mika has participated in Earlybird Venture Capital’s Vision Lab as a startup during its development. The program is intended for exceptional German-born founders who are creating innovative solutions.

Automate Accounting and Tax Filings:

Financial planning, tax filings, and complicated bookkeeping are challenges for small enterprises. By automating these procedures with generative AI, mika helps entrepreneurs concentrate on development and innovation rather than red tape. Moreover, according to a recent INSM poll, 90% of German businesses view bureaucracy as a significant cost; as a first step, mika seeks to reduce that. The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor’s findings indicate that comparable issues exist in adjacent countries, which is why the company intends to service more of Europe later.

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CEO and founder of mika, Agnieszka M. Walorska, stated:

“Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, yet they’re drowning in bureaucracy—overcharged, underserved, and lost in paperwork. As a migrant without a network who bootstrapped her first startup, I am familiar with these difficulties, which is why I am creating mika. Imagine carrying a CFO-level AI that takes care of all the financial details so you can concentrate on your passion. That’s mika.”

With an initial focus on the €10 billion German market, the €800k pre-seed funding will assist the ongoing development of mika’s AI-powered accounting and tax co-pilot. Moreover, the Samen Slimmer partnership, which consists of DFF, Keen Venture Partners, and Slimmer AI, led this investment round and provided mika with the critical support it needed to advance its AI capabilities.

Commenting, Djoni de Vos, an investor at Keen Venture Partners, said:

“Agnieszka’s achievement is that she makes tax and accounting exciting. Further, we are thrilled to support an entrepreneur in this field as resilient and driven as Agnieszka, as there is great potential to use AI to simplify financial administration.”

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