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deeploi, a DeepTech company, has raised €3M for its all-encompassing IT platform. The Berlin-based team now has plans to create IT-as-a-Service and advance its technology.

Digital technology is evolving at a breakneck pace. We are in a time of rapid technological advancement, which is creating new chances. Keeping up with technological advancement is not always simple, though. Even the most ambitious businesses frequently still battle with antiquated, nonexistent, or opaque IT infrastructure.

These systems have the potential to cause inefficiencies and present serious difficulties for companies. The issue is worse for SMEs with limited resources.

Berlin-based business, deeploi wants to alter that. The young firm creates cutting-edge IT solutions that assist companies in streamlining their operations.

Deeploi, a Berlin-based DeepTech startup, recently closed its seed funding round to support its goal. The round was led by Cherry Ventures, along with the participation of the founders of businesses like Moss, Vay, Zenjob, Sennder, and others.

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Co-founder and CEO Julian Lübke: “Cherry Ventures has a reputation for backing companies that bring about significant changes. We are thrilled to have them on board so that we can work together to transform IT into a utility rather than a battle. We will be able to continue developing our platform and growing our staff thanks to the investment.

Julian Lübke, co-founder and CEO of Cherry Ventures, said: “Cherry Ventures is known for backing game-changing businesses. We look forward to collaborating with them to ensure IT serves as a boon, not a bane. The funding will allow us to keep improving our platform and expanding our workforce.

The innovators intend to create IT-as-a-Service with this new funding, creating a new method for SMEs to manage their IT processes.

“We need to move the needle forward when it comes to IT, making it easier and more secure to use — especially across evolving remote and hybrid work environments and growing tech stacks,” says Christian Meermann, founding partner of Cherry Ventures. “We’re excited to assist Julian and Philipp in utilizing deeploi to revolutionize how small and medium-sized enterprises with a cloud-first mindset manage and structure their IT needs.”

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