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Berlin’s Hive, a leading operations platform for independent brands in Europe, has successfully raised a €28.2 million Series A extension at a higher valuation.

Earlybird preempted this funding round, doubling alongside Tiger Global, Picus Capital, alfa8, and other existing investors. This round includes €10 million in venture debt from Atempo Growth.

This funding will help Hive serve more independent commerce brands and expand its leadership in Europe.

Hive, founded in 2020, seamlessly combines powerful technology with a network of leading operations providers, saving commerce brands an average of 17% on costs while increasing revenue by up to 24%. The company’s platform encompasses the entire operational value chain, from fulfillment to delivery and post-purchase experience. Key features include multi-channel inventory and order management, intelligent carrier selection, personalization tools, and a consumer-facing tracking and returns solution.

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Hive’s proprietary Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Transport Management System (TMS) are among its strengths; they enable Hive to achieve superior operational quality while also providing a more extensive feature set. Over the last year, Hive has also introduced new standout features, such as Delivery Promise, which allows brands to increase their conversion rate by up to 30% by providing consumers with an accurate estimated delivery date in their online store.

Oskar Ziegler, Co-Founder and CEO, stated:

“Hive intends to use the new funding to accelerate growth and product development, to become profitable by next year. We see enormous potential to improve commerce operations for everyone, including brands, consumers, and our operational partners. This investment is a strong vote of confidence in our current progress and the opportunities ahead. With this additional funding, we hope to make a greater impact for even more brands across Europe.”

Hive has expanded its presence to Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom over the last two years. Moreover, it has established itself as the European leader after growing 3.2x in the previous year and earning a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 86. Hive has also strengthened its leadership by appointing David Lagarde as Chief Operating Officer, Tobias Eppler as Chief Growth Officer, and Lukas Klinser as Chief Product Officer.

Tim Rehder, Partner at Earlybird, said:

“We’ve been very impressed with Hive’s progress. Hive’s growth, customer feedback, technological maturity, and company leadership are unparalleled in Europe, and we look forward to continuing our journey together.”

Image Credit: Hive


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