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Hygraph, a SaaS startup, aims to enable the next wave of content producers to create connected digital experiences at scale. Recently, the Berlin-based content management platform has raised over €27 million to expand.

Content is a market that is expanding and applicable to businesses of all kinds, industries, and generations. The goal of making interconnected digital experiences in the modern world. For producers, this entails switching between various content sources, devices, and platforms while also keeping an eye on content on various platforms, all of which take a significant amount of time, money, and resources.

Hypgraph, a content management platform founded in 2017, aims to allow creators to produce content at scale. With more than €27 million raised, the startup recently completed its Series B funding round.

One Peak took the lead on the financing. Along with Peak, SquareOne, and new business entrepreneur Boris Lokschin, existing investors OpenOcean also took part.

The growth of content production has been a fascinating trend to observe over the past ten years. The market is constantly changing. Almost continuous rethinking and creativity are now required for content development due to the expansion of social media and shifting preferences and habits in content consumption.

A decade ago, the headless CMS emerged, enabling platform-independent content dissemination through APIs. However, since the advent of composable architecture, organizations have discovered that in addition to their headless CMS, they also need to create and manage custom middleware to connect to other existing content sources.

In this situation, Hygraph is useful. The Berlin-based startup has created a solution that specifically meets the needs of this new wave of content administration needs.

Founders Comment:

Hygraph CEO and Co-Founder Michael Lukaszczyk:

“Building everything from scratch is expensive and a barrier to innovation. The demand for linked digital services isn’t slowing down. An organization needs to access material from a wide range of sources and serve it to a wide range of devices.”

The federated content platform from Hygraph hopes to make it possible for businesses to innovate more quickly and cheaply. Moreover, Hygraph replaces middleware development and enables organizations to link isolated content throughout their complete software stack using a single API. It’s possible to create applications with lots of content. It’s also possible to manage extensive product catalogs and internal knowledge management systems.

Product teams can now create services up to ten times faster than they could before thanks to this strategy.

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Michael Lukaszczyk: “Hygraph disrupts content and data integration to create new digital services and business models in the content economy. Our new funding round will help us scale our company. We aim to emulate MuleSoft for content management.”

The forward-thinking business presently collaborates with over 400 businesses, including well-known names like Ashley Furniture, Dr. Oetker, Shure, Samsung, and Philips.

Investors Comment:

Tatjana Kast, Director, and David Klein, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of One Peak said:

“Despite the rise of the composable enterprise, many organizations are unable to fully realize the worth of their content. Hygraph addresses the integration and customization issues that continue to hinder the large-scale development of new or complicated digital services. Additionally, The strong and capital-efficient development trajectory of Hygraph has impressed us, and we think the market opportunity for its federated content platform is sizable. One Peak is thrilled to support the Hygraph team and its founders during their rapid expansion.”

The team intends to accelerate content management platform development and scale go-to-market strategies with an emphasis on North America with the help of this new funding.

Ekaterina Almasque, general partner at OpenOcean said:

The journey of Hygraph is something we are honored to be able to assist. The company’s distinct place as a rising leader in the next-generation enterprise content management stack is confirmed by Series B. Without the need for extensive engineering teams, companies can create products like streaming services or dynamic catalogs with its robust federated platform that is GraphQL-native. We’re excited to support Hygraph as they work to reposition the business, rebrand, and highlight their distinctive offering to the corporate market after our early-stage investment.”

Image Credit: Hygraph


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