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European VC firms Breega and Samaipata have invested €4M in Carbon Maps, a Paris-based platform for managing and assessing the global environment for the food business.

The business plans to utilize the money to support food companies in reducing their environmental effect (carbon footprint, biodiversity impact, water use, animal welfare).

The French business will also utilize the money to hire about 15 additional employees, develop the models and features of its platform, and extend its services to other EU nations.

According to Patrick Asdaghi, CEO of Carbon Mapping, “Our objective is to become the foremost environmental accounting platform bringing together all actors in the food value chain, empowering them to assess their goods’ climate effect so they can minimize it sustainably.”

Patrick Asdaghi, Jérémie Wainstain, and Estelle Huynh developed Carbon Maps to assist food firms with their climate effect reduction programs by estimating key impact indicators, simulating trade-offs, and providing tools for progress evaluation.

The company accomplishes this by combining its scientific, and mathematical models with AI, with the help of a scientific council composed of professionals in environmental science and agriculture, including Christian Huygue (INRAE) and Benoît Gabrielle (AgroParisTech).

According to Carbon Maps, it quickly and accurately evaluates consumer goods, ingredients, and raw materials. It also gathers and analyzes data from all points along the food chain to determine a range of impact indicators, including carbon footprint, biodiversity impact, water use, and animal welfare.

As a result, it offers players (producers, coops, brands, distributors) at all points in the supply chain tools to assess and keep track of their climate initiatives.

According to Asdaghi, “our food system is a significant contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity loss, deforestation, and water use worldwide.”

“Consumers’ awareness of the urgency of the environment has never been higher,” Asdaghi added.

Asdaghi further continued, “Regulations and civic society are putting more and more pressure on food brands to accept accountability. When it comes to building credible, effective climate plans that are pertinent to their supply chains and their areas, Carbon Maps provides companies with practical tools and solutions.”

The platform intends to incorporate the Eco-Score, a forthcoming environmental consumer product label described in France’s Climate & Resilience Law and anticipated to go into effect by the end of 2023, as well as all other essential metrics required to assist food firms’ ESG efforts.

“At Breega, we are delighted to reaffirm our support for Patrick and his co-founders in their endeavor to create the infrastructure and tools to aid food firms in managing their journey toward reducing their climate impact. According to François Paulus, chairman, and co-founder of Breega, Carbon Maps’ vertical strategy, which incorporates frequently ignored agricultural techniques into their science-based platform, is a game changer.

The global potential of Carbon Mapping is obvious and enormous. We intend to use our network in Southern Europe to help the company expand quickly as the issue of standardized environmental labeling is picking up steam in light of the significant first interest in France. In Samaipata, Aurore Falque-Pierrotin is a partner.

Image Credit: Carbon Maps


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