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Netflix Phases out Cheapest Ad-Free Plan: Here is what You Must Know

Existing subscribers who were on the ad-free and cheapest plan will be migrated gradually by Netflix. Find out about the

RIAA's Lawsuit against AI Music Startups
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RIAA’s Lawsuit with AI Music Startups: The Turning Point

The RIAA’s Lawsuit against generative music startups Udio and Suno highlights the complex intersection of ethical and legal considerations in

Meta integrates Threads with fediverse
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Meta integrates Threads with fediverse to improve the Features

Meta integrates Threads with fediverse, revolutionizing social media by enabling seamless intercommunication across platforms and enhancing user connectivity through interconnected

Apple and Meta: Generative AI Collaboration
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Apple x Meta confirms working on Generative AI Collaboration

Meta and Apple, Tech giants have been in talks for the Generative AI collaboration within the framework of Apple Intelligence.

Customer Insights startup Hark
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NYC-based Hark secures $3.5M to transform customer insights services

A NYC-based startup called Hark has raised $3.5 million in seed money intending to upend conventional Customer Insights services. Oceans

Colombian FinTech: Addi
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Colombian FinTech startup, Addi, rapidly expands with $86 Million investment round

Addi, a Colombian FinTech startup that is expanding quickly, recently completed a $86 million investment round that includes loan and

LeaksID by G71 Inc. - Founder
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G-71 Inc.’s LeaksID: The Game-Changer in Insider Threat Management, Document Protection, and Data Leak Deterrence

Introduction The cutting-edge cybersecurity company, G-71 Inc., which is located in Mountain View, CA, has developed a state-of-the-art information security

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Attention, an AI sales assistant platform snaps $3.1M, led by Eniac Ventures

Attention, an AI-powered sales assistant based in New York, announced a $3.1M investment round that was led by Eniac Ventures,

Herself Health Founder
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HealthTech startup, Herself Health picks $7 million, led by founding partner Juxtapose

Herself Health, a health tech startup has raised $7 million in a Seed round of funding. Herself Health is a

NotCo Founder
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FoodTech startup NotCo picks $70M in a Series D1 round, backed by Jeff Bezos

NotCo, a Santiago-based FoodTech startup secures $70M in a Series D1 funding round, headed by Princeville Capital. Along with Princeville