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Arnhem-based, DeftPower, a SaaS platform for EV charging with AI help has secured funding, led by 4impact Capital.

Proeza Capital, Twickelborg, Cosmic Cat, Rethink Ventures, and Koolen Industries are the existing investors, who participated in the investment round as well.

Within the following two years, the company intends to use the money to further its rapid expansion. Moreover, the EU EIC Accelerator, a program for innovative energy businesses, awarded €2.5 million to DeftPower.

Jacob Zonneveld, co-founder and CEO of Deftpower said:

“With 4impact we have a smart investor that understands the energy transition and understands the business of growing a company, We are incredibly appreciative of their faith in Deftpower.”

EV Charging: Deftpower Crafting the Ultimate Solution

Founded in 2020, DeftPower aims to create the best charging solution possible.

Furthermore, mobility service providers can purchase premium white-label software solutions from the company.

These technologies seamlessly integrate the variable capacity of electric cars (EVs) into the larger energy grid, optimizing the EV charging process. Additionally, by using cutting-edge technology and creative ideas, the Dutch company hopes to aid in the shift toward a cleaner, greener future.

The primary goal of Deftpower is to promote the use of renewable energy sources and lessen reliance on fossil fuels to hasten the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs).

Deftpower urgently needs to address the transportation sector, responsible for 25% of the world’s CO2 emissions.

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Deftpower is rapidly developing Europe’s most cutting-edge platform, recalibrating electric vehicle users, their vehicles, charging stations, and the grid in a sustainable ecosystem. Moreover, the company employs 30 highly qualified individuals. Currently, it offers access to all major charging networks in Europe and has acquired the business of 23 customers across 9 countries.

The investor

One well-known early-stage impact investor in European digital firms is 4impact Capital. Furthermore, the investor supports enthusiastic entrepreneurs dedicated to promoting sustainability and effecting quantifiable change in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly in the domains of People and Planet.

4impact Capital is actively investing right now out of its second fund. Moreover, 4impact intends to invest in about 25 businesses that are poised to take advantage of the opportunities that arise from the convergence of sustainability and digitalization in Europe, with a particular emphasis on the Nordic, DACH, and Benelux areas.

Pauline Wink, managing partner of 4impact said:

“The Deftpower team has built a superior product that allows them to execute a clear strategy to acquire the most flexible capacity assets and therefore maximize commercial and impact potential in this growing market. We are thrilled that Jacob Zonneveld, Marc Diks, and Remco Tjeerdsma have teamed up with 4impact to continue building outstanding enterprises. Their impressive team has demonstrated its ability to do so in the past.”

Image Credit: Deftpower


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