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Learn about Premium changes that YouTube has prepared this year and various interesting new options, such as the ability to share benefits with friends, AI functions, and others. Get more with a Premium subscription including current trends.

Expanded Premium Plan Options:

Variants of subscriptions on YouTube are now to expand through launching new options for YouTube Premium. In the latest community post of the company, they noted their intent of growing some of the current offers in more areas and the development of new plans. The purpose of this scheme is the members’ benefit and quality improvement of their options.

Current YouTube Premium Plans:

At the moment, YouTube Premium provides its clients with three subscription options. The Individual plan without a contract still costs $13. $11.90 per month, or $16.40 per delivery about 99 per month, or $139. 99 for 12 months. Next up is the Family plan, which costs $22. Periods are monthly and the Basic plan costs $99 per month, the Student plan at $7. 99 per month. Some of the benefits that users get include, removing all the ads from the videos, the ability to download content to watch later without an internet connection, and access to YouTube Music without ads.

New Features of YouTube Premium:

Besides new plans, there is useful information about the updates for YouTube Premium subscribers. A Hop feature advanced by an AI choice is already available on Android and will be released on iOS shortly. This feature allows a user to jump directly to the part of a given video that they want to watch. Also, Android users are now allowed to watch YouTube shorts in a picture-in-picture mode just like TikTok.

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Sharing Benefits with Friends:

YouTube suggested that they would come up with means through which users with Premium subscriptions can share this benefit with friends, but the details were not elaborated here. This feature can raise the attractiveness of the offer of using Premium subscriptions and make the users encourage their friends to use it as well.

AI-Powered Tools and Upgradations:

Subscribers will also be able to get some of the experimental features that we built into our platform. These include an automatic download of batches of Shorts so that they can be viewed later and an AI, chat bot-like personal assistant. Well, YouTube is reviving this AI assistant after it was trialed once. Also, the new page for watches on the desktop is under construction, the goal of which is to optimize the user experience.

There will be more updates soon regarding the new features that YouTube is still improving and adding to its Premium services.

Image Credit: Youtube


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