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Learn how Figma shut down its AI design tool following the accusation of stealing Apple’s Weather app design. Read up on the issue and what Figma has to say.

Claims of infringing upon Apple’s weather app:

One of the features that have raised various issues is Figma‘s “Make Design” AI. Participants stated that it mimics the look of Apple’s Weather app. NotBoring Software’s founder Andy Allen was the first to notice. He tried the tool and echoed that the copy progressively resembled Apple’s app. In a tweet at X (formerly Twitter), Allen addressed Figma as copying the current apps to learn from them, something that its CEO Dylan Field denies.

Figma’s Reaction:

When this controversy ensued, Figma had, like other design tools, enabled designers to draw borders around their shapes, which made it easier for any designer to create a new shape by simply connecting points without having to worry about crossing an existing boundary.

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To elaborate on Allen’s points, Field explained that Figma’s AI was not trained on Figma specifics, Figma content, community files, or particular app designs. He added that all the accusations of misreporting and fraud were untrue. Still, Field stated that, in this case, quality assurance (QA) became the victim of a race to the release of the feature. Already within the hours of the tweet sent by Allen, Figma was able to isolate the problem connected to their design systems.

Community Reactions and Concerns:

The AI feature was received with mixed feelings in the design community. This posed a threat to eliminate jobs to the extent that digital design would be made easily accessible to the masses. Some said that it would delete monotonous activities, thereby freeing up time for designers to be creative. Likely, the discovery of the feature’s mimicry created some doubts related to compliance with the law. Allen contributed his wisdom to designers by telling them to ensure they either look into current applications or alter outcomes to stay out of legal predicaments.

What the Current and Future Applications of the AI Design Feature are:

Field stated that Make Design would be temporarily deactivated on Figma. He said it must be pointed out that this feature would only be enabled after passing the whole QA session. Figma’s strategy is to make sure that they are comfortable vouching for the results of the feature. The website would be temporarily closed to prevent the actions that ruined the design community’s trust in the platform from sinking in deeper.


Figma’s rapid response and goodwill to enhance the AI element are indicative of its dedication to quality and development. Ramifications arising from the company’s actions will help speculate about the progress of AI design tools in the future.

Image Credit: David Paul Morris – Bloomberg/Getty Images


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