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France-based Miraxess announced a series A financing of €2.5 million.

Miraxess aims to improve its growing line of consumer electronics, including its upcoming Mirabook product that broadcasts laptop processes from the user’s smartphone.

The French state investment bank Bpifrance, Alsace Business Angels, Finovam Gestion (FIRA Nord Est 2), and Capital Grand Est have all contributed to this most recent round of fundraising.

The Mirabook appears exactly like a laptop, but it is nothing more than a passive terminal that takes instructions for the operating system from the user’s smartphone. Another choice is to purchase a port designed specifically for the Mirabook to connect the smartphone to.

The first Mirabooks will be produced from contract factory lines in Miraxess’ native France sometime in 2019. However, it has already been selling the computers to some illustrious customers, such as those serving English police forces on the other side of the Channel as well as some Irish clients.

As English detectives have complained about the time it takes to send ordinary criminal facts from the scene, which essentially means hours are spent dealing with paperwork, there is a clear use case in England.

Mirabooks might be a better choice in this case and might also lessen the cyber attack surface brought on by the addition of a Windows-based workstation. The product also reduces a traditional laptop’s emissions profile by 56%.

“Thanks to our solutions, we allow each firm to keep the ergonomics of using a PC by optimizing its digital infrastructures and allowing greater digital sobriety,” stated Yanis Anteur, CEO and co-founder of Miraxess.

Samsung has become interested in it due to its potential. Through its DeX technology, which translates laptop OS interfaces to Android-powered Galaxy handsets, the South Korean consumer technology behemoth has been offering a helping hand in terms of advertising.

In addition, Miraxess has lofty goals thanks to the new money. The idea is undoubtedly intriguing, as smartphone users already tap their devices more frequently than they make phone calls, and Miraxess thinks their technology could turn them into a mobile computer for “professionals on the go.”

It plans to start working hard this week in Las Vegas to achieve its goal of becoming a significant European business-to-consumer electronics brand within the next ten years by giving presentations from its CES stand.

As part of its growth strategy, Miraxess has chosen to relocate its main office to a new French location in the Grand Est region. Miraxess, which was once situated in Lyon, is reportedly aiming to simplify supply chain relays to its recently announced manufacturing partner, the 2CRSI, which is listed on the Euronext.

Paul-Emile René, the chief technology officer of Miraxess and a seasoned expert in embedded software engineering, said: “We are honored to have been selected by Capital Grand Est and Finovam Gestion to advance our inventions.

Our goal is to support the relocation efforts of this historic tech industrial basin. The Grand Est region has been quite kind to us.

Image Credit: Miraxess


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