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Ciphix, a Rotterdam-based hyper-automation startup has acquired Limburg-based startup Bizzomate, a low-code software solutions provider. A significant step toward Ciphix’s objective of dominating the hyper-automation market in Europe is this acquisition.

Ciphix is an IT business specializing in hyperautomation and was founded in 2018. It assists companies in realizing the potential of their workforce through intelligent process automation. The company integrates a range of technology to completely automate procedures throughout all operations, from beginning to end. Launching a buy-and-build growth plan with Mentha Capital in May 2023, Ciphix acquired Webflight, a low-code app expert.

With this growth, the company now employs over 170 people, with offices located in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and Valkenburg.

Bizzomate provides Ciphix with a wealth of low-code knowledge. The former business employs more than 75 qualified specialists with experience deploying low-code apps in industries including manufacturing and healthcare.

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Bizzomate’s founder, Marc Gelissen, stated:

“The acquisition by Ciphix is a testament to our efforts over the past 12 years, We can now offer our clients full solutions due to the increased need for hyper-automation solutions, thanks to the combination of Ciphix’s services and our low-code expertise. This acquisition perfectly aligns with our mission to grow together and represents a significant advancement for our clients and team.”

Ciphix CEO Koen Mallee, added:

“With Bizzomate, we welcome a company with a strong focus on low-code expertise and social impact. We aim to offer our consumers more value by utilizing our combined strengths. Thanks to this acquisition, we are now in a leadership position in the Dutch low-code app development market, which also significantly advances our goal of becoming the leading hyper-automation specialist in Europe.”

According to a statement from Ciphix, hyper-automation is becoming essential for lowering heavy workloads in specific administrative duties in light of the worldwide labor crisis. Using low-code technology, AI, and hyper-automation together improves productivity, encourages creativity, and gives businesses a competitive advantage.

By demonstrating how low-code apps improve Ciphix’s hyper-automation offerings, this acquisition of Bizzomate aligns with Ciphix’s strategic objectives and builds on the success of integrating Webflight. A comprehensive package of digitalization services, comprising low-code applications, AI, RPA, process mining, and Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solutions, will be available to customers of both businesses.

Image Credit: Ciphix


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