TECHnicalBeep – Startups | Fundings | Technology | Innovation, an AI-powered online platform that enables influencers and freelancers to sell Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) services, has secured pre-seed funding at a $5 million value.

A US multi-stage venture capital company called SOSV, which has more than $1.3 billion in assets under management and has been investing in Pakistan for several years, spearheaded the funding. SOSV was an early backer of firms like Dastgyr, Blink, 24Seven, and Priceoye. Sarmayacar and K3 Diversity Ventures also took part in the investment round.

The startup, which was co-founded by Aizaz Nayyer, Adeel Abid, and Ali Raza Rizvi under the umbrella of parent company Savvy Technologies, was introduced in January 2022 and has surpassed 15,000 members, according to Aizaz.

According to CEO and co-founder Aizaz Nayyer, “We want to give freelancers and influencers the ability to sell their services directly to customers without any communication constraints or commissions.”

Think of it as Shopify for freelancers and influencers with the extra benefit of Discovery, which we will launch next month and will let businesses quickly connect with the most appropriate freelancers and influencers.

Another co-founder, Adeel Abid, chimed in, “We are altering the game of how people work online. We are restoring power to creators and service providers by eliminating middlemen, commissions, and restrictions.

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