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Explore Mastodon a tool designed to help journalists promote themselves and gain more followers: New byline. Find out how Mastodon’s Social feature helps in increasing the visibility of the authors and how it helps enhance news publications.


Mastodon, the X (formerly Twitter) competition, announces a new feature for journalists. It is claimed that this update will help authors draw more attention to themselves and make followers more enthusiastic as well.

Clickable Author Bylines:

Defining Mastodon’s new update, it is possible to say that now it offers an author tag that makes linked posts clickable. These bylines point the users to the author’s fediverse profile which in turn helps increase the author’s visibility.

Beyond @Usernames:

More than usual @username pointers, the new bylines come with the news publication’s headline and image. Dropping down that, the author’s profile picture together with the name can be seen to ease the identification of journalists.

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Accessing the Bylines:

To use these new bylines, you must be on the main Mastodon Both are through the web or the official mobile application, regardless of day or night. They include other servers that have to support the recent Mastodon nightly release and the feature operates only for sites approved by a moderator.


Mastodon’s API backs up the new bylines because third-party applications can incorporate this function. They have integrated these to ensure they have a wider use and probably in different platforms.

Innovative OpenGraph Tags:

This feature relies on a new OpenGraph tag which is quite different from the other conventional OpenGraph tags. They define the image included in the preview when a page is shared across various services, it improves the presentation of the preview.


Mastodon’s new byline feature is a move towards making it a more attractive space for reporters to be in. This would continue to be beneficial for Mastodon in becoming a variable social media that helps improve author recognition and create new methods of relating to content.

Image Credit: Mastodon


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