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Existing subscribers who were on the ad-free and cheapest plan will be migrated gradually by Netflix. Find out about the alteration and what choices exist.

Cheapest Ad-Free Plan of Netflix is Now Moving On:

Currently, the organization is planning massive changes in its subscription plans. The service is gradually discontinuing this $11. To make sure current clients do not leave, cable companies are offering the ad-free plan for $99 per month. This move is relevant for numerous users, especially for those related to Canada and the UK.

The subscriber must select a new plan:

Netflix is informing basic plan users to upgrade to a different plan by July 13th. Options include the $6. 99 ad-supported tiers, the $15. 49 for the ad-free tier, or the $22. 99 ad-free 4K premium plan is one designed for a person who wants not to be interrupted by advertisements and who values high picture quality. Some users on Reddit have mentioned that they received such notification.

Decline of analog cable and Televisions in Canada and the UK:

This change corresponds with Netflix’s announcement it made in January. The company sought to pull out the basic tier in Canada and the UK in the second quarter of this year. In these regions, current pricing for getting Netflix service shows a message that says the Basic plan is no longer available.

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Addition of an Impact on the United States and Other Regions:

Last year Netflix also removed the basic plan for the new or returning customers in the US, Canada, and the UK. It isn’t clear since the company opened the basic plan to existing US subscribers how long they will continue to offer the plan. The Verge has written to Netflix for additional information on this subject and has not been replied to at the time of writing this article.

Shift towards Ad-Supported Plans:

Now, Netflix is trying to guide its users to the basics with ads. By the middle of May, this plan had received more than 40 million users. Such a trend resembles the approaches of other streaming platforms.


Should you be subscribed to Netflix’s monthly plan that costs $11 at the moment, like many other TV networks, if you are subscribed to its 99 ad-free plan, you ought to opt for a new plan shortly. In this regard, it seems possible to point to the fact that the given options have different price ranges and different options, so, decide what is suitable. Note that the information provided above concerning the changes, Netflix is yet to provide more details about these changes.


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