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Find out about the New Wireless Horipad for Steam, which will be released in Japan officially on October 31st. Find out more about it- including the current compatibility and the future availability.


Valve’s experimental Steam Controller might be set to gathering dust but a new official gamepad for Steam is just around the corner. Hori’s Wireless Horipad for Steam is planned to be released in Japan on 31st October.

New Controller Details:

Wireless Horipad for Steam is a gaming controller developed specifically with PC gamers in mind. This new gamepad copied the Steam Deck’s menu buttons and includes touchpads on sticks for gyro, as well. It is Bluetooth wireless-compatible and can be USB-C wired connected, meaning that it is very versatile.

Features and Design:

Nevertheless, although the Wireless Horipad is quite similar to the Steam Deck, it is not the successor of the Steam Controller. From the controller, it misses rumble, four back buttons, and the Steam Deck’s trackpads. However, four specialized buttons are programmable, located 2 on the backside and 2 on the front side under the D-pad as well as the right thumb stick.

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Availability and Pricing:

The Wireless Horipad will be available in four colors: black, white, neon yellow, and violet. Carrying a price tag of A$80 or 7,890 yen, it is initially intended for the Japanese market. As of now, there’s no info about international distribution, however, one can suggest a similarity with Horipad Pro for Xbox consoles.

PC Gaming in Japan:

The choice of Japan as the location where Hori was first introduced was correct given the increase in the popularity of PC gaming in Japan. Valve’s partnership with Hori is inherent in the increasing market of handheld gaming, a segment in which Steam Deck thrives.


As more and more users employ the gamepad while gaming with Steam, the Wireless Horipad for Steam might be the first step to the series of licensed Steam controllers. However, on its global release, PC gamers in Japan will be the first to enjoy this new gamepad.

Image credit: Hori


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