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A NYC-based startup called Hark has raised $3.5 million in seed money intending to upend conventional Customer Insights services.

Oceans Ventures led the fundraising round, which will support Hark’s go-to-market strategy and advance the development of its AI-powered platform, which is already in use by several businesses.

By providing asynchronous video and audio feedback choices, Hark sets itself apart from the competition and meets the varied communication needs of modern consumers. VoC systems have historically relied on text-based questionnaires and feedback forms, which can be restrictive and miss the subtleties of consumer opinion. Additionally, customers can express themselves through audio or video recordings using Hark’s platform.

AI-Enhanced Customer Insights:

Hark uses artificial intelligence (AI) to examine client comments from a range of channels. This goes beyond just examining the tone of text-based answers. Further, through the integration of audio and video data, Hark hopes to give businesses a deeper insight into their clientele.

Conventional VoC applications frequently have issues with data collection constraints. Despite making significant investments in customer feedback technologies, businesses may still receive skewed survey results and shallow insights. On the other hand, long email exchanges, agent transfers, and laborious surveys that don’t adequately address customers’ complaints might irritate customers.

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To solve these problems, Hark offers a platform driven by AI that organizes data and expedites customer communications. This results in quicker feedback loops and a 40% decrease in the amount of time required for manual data analysis, according to reports.

Investors are paying attention to Hark’s creative strategy. The lead investor in this fundraising round, Oceans Ventures’ co-founder and general partner Steven Rosenblatt, highlights how Hark can go beyond standard customer service and offer insightful data to different divisions within an organization. He emphasizes how crucial it is to comprehend consumer involvement and use customer service as a sales channel.

Another contributing investor, Converge VC, believes that Hark’s innovative solution has the potential to upend the VoC market. Moreover, the ability of Hark to combine cutting-edge AI technology with a customer-centric approach to address a significant pain issue in VoC programs is highlighted by Nilanjana Bhowmik, Founder and General Partner at Converge VC.

Early users of Hark’s platform have benefited from it. Customer satisfaction (CSAT) has increased by 20% according to reports when direct-to-consumer brands (D2C) are partnered with. Hark also claims a 79% increase in the typical time it takes to resolve customer concerns, which results in major financial savings and improved operational effectiveness for its partner businesses.

Hark’s AI-Driven Approach:

With its emphasis on providing context-rich consumer feedback via audio and video records, Hark presents a viable substitute for conventional VoC initiatives. Further, by utilizing AI for more in-depth data analysis, Hark enables companies to develop stronger relationships with their clients and obtain a more thorough understanding of them. It will be interesting to observe how Hark handles consumer feedback collection and communication in the future as it develops its platform and reaches new audiences.

Image Credit: Hark


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