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Out-Class, a Pakistani ed-tech startup, has raised $500,000 in its seed round.

Out-Class, dubbed “Netflix for students,” was started to promote educational equality. According to the business, it already provides bite-sized courses to over 10,000 pupils.

The company claimed that it intended to use the additional capital to increase the number of courses it offered, invest in raising teaching standards, and introduce new adaptive and personalized capabilities to its platform.

According to Hamza Habib, Non-Executive Director of House of Habib, “We were inspired by the Out-Class team’s mission to make high-quality information available for students through an innovative, world-class platform.”

CEO of Out-Class Aiman Bashir said: “We began by providing students with crash courses to get them ready for important exams at a quarter of the cost of tuition academies. But this is just the beginning.

In a nation where one-third of children are not in school, “our objective is far greater. We want to make high-quality education available and affordable to all.”

The creators are cautious but optimistic in light of the recent investment and the global financial crisis.

Oosman Bashir, a co-founder, said, “We feel immense responsibility in our role as contributors to Pakistan’s educational scene and understand it needs a lot of work. The educator continued by saying that the business had looked for investors who were familiar with the industry.

Another co-founder, Ali Nomani, stated in a statement that the company planned to introduce more items aimed at the mass market soon. We are now geared toward K–12 education, but our ultimate objective is to serve all Pakistanis between the ages of 5 and 30.

By the end of this year, “We will begin providing SSC and matriculation products,” he promised.

The startup, according to the co-founder, is presently envisioned as a digital business, but it also plans to launch experience centers in the future.

According to Nomani, the startup is prepared for the long haul and plans to pursue expansion in Pakistan. “We are not aiming for break-even, but rather growth in terms of both student enrollment and course selection. According to him, this fund is also not intended to help us reach break-even.

He continued by saying that Pakistan’s ed-tech market would mature in the following three to five years and is well-positioned to realize its full potential. We have a sizable population, a strong desire to invest in education, and last but not least, the cost of technological access is decreasing. In the upcoming years, all of these reasons will encourage the sector to expand quickly.

Image Credit: Out Class


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