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Rabbit, a Cairo-based 20-minute grocery delivery service, has secured $11 million in the Middle East and Africa’s largest-ever pre-seed investment. The business is establishing a network of tech-enabled dark stores in Cairo to provide ‘groceries and more in 20 minutes via its mobile app.

The Rabbit team is creating a new standard for Egypt’s and the region’s supermarket industry. In comparison to typical grocers and local businesses, they provide customers with a unique experience.

Over the last two decades, consumer expectations have shifted dramatically. We anticipate that on-demand retail will follow in the footsteps of on-demand music, television, and transportation. We’re establishing a company with speed as a core value, and it shows in how we function and work. We measure things in seconds because, at the end of the day, we’re not in the retail or convenience industry; we’re in the time business. We strive to save you time so you can get more out of your day. – Ahmed Yousry, Rabbit’s co-founder and CEO.

Image Source: Rabbit


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