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London-based, AI assistant startup, Metaview, which assists teams in eliminating labor and bureaucracy from their hiring process, has raised €6.4 million.

The round was led by Plural, along with current backers Vertex Ventures US, Seedcamp, and Village Global, Coelius Capital also took part, along with well-known angels like Barney Hussey-Yeo, co-founder of Cléo, and Kyle Parrish, vice president of sales at Figma.

Hiring Revolution: Metaview’s Mission:

Metaview plans to use the funds to triple the size of its technical team within the next 18 months, accelerate product development, and introduce additional features to further enhance its growing user base.

To revolutionize hiring, CEO Siadhal Magos and CTO Shahriar Tajbakhsh, founded Metaview in 2018. By concentrating on enhancing the most opaque aspect of the hiring process—the interviews—the AI assistant platform assists businesses in making business-critical hiring decisions more quickly and effectively.

AI Assistant Hiring Transformation:

Although hiring decisions are among the most crucial ones a business must make, the hiring process hasn’t changed in decades. While decisions lack objectivity and disastrous hires are all too often even though they can cost organizations three times the salary for the role, taking notes during interviews and writing up feedback wastes important time and detracts from the quality of the conversation. Metaview utilizes AI to transform this process and boost productivity on a large scale.

Throughout the employment process, the platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) to record discussions, giving hiring teams access to a single source of truth. Metaview is reducing the administrative burden of interviews by automating the production of objective summaries indexed by key subjects. This has already saved teams at least 20 hours per recruit. This makes it possible for hiring managers and recruiters to concentrate on having great interactions with candidates and to make defensible decisions based on information rather than recollection.

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Siadhal Magos, CEO of Metaview, said:

“Hiring is driven by human-to-human conversations, yet until now it’s been impossible to capture and operationalize the data from these crucial interactions. Thousands of businesses are using Metaview, our AI-native platform, to take advantage of this data, cut down on time spent on tedious tasks, and use the insights we produce to assist their hiring teams in selecting the best candidates. We are excited to work with Plural to propel our business into its next phase of expansion and assist additional firms in drastically improving their hiring procedures and selection processes.”

Shahriar Tajbakhsh, CTO of Metaview, stated:

“I’m ecstatic to team up with Plural as we continue to reimagine the recruiting ontology from first principles. We’re using cutting-edge AI to operationalize the latent context in these encounters by putting discussions at the center of our platform. Because of this, we can create AI agents that enhance and automate employment processes in ways that were not before possible.”

Partner at Plural Khaled Helioui continued, saying:

“Technology has neglected hiring decisions for decades, although hiring decisions are essential to any business’s success. Siadhal and Shahriar are in a unique position to alter this dynamic because they developed their talents at Uber and Palantir, which is renowned for creating new benchmarks for excellence in hiring. Thanks to Metaview, hiring decisions now occur more rapidly, objectively, and effectively. By doing this, it eliminates some of the ingrained prejudices that impede the majority of hiring procedures, improving results and fostering more egalitarian workplaces.”

Image Credit: Metaview


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