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Rivia, a Swiss business that specializes in AI-driven analytics and clinical trial data infrastructure for BioTechs, has closed a €3 million seed round headed by Speedinvest.

The money will be utilized to hire new engineering and client service teams, as well as to advance product development to fully realize the promise of integrated trial data and solidify its position as the unified data platform for biopharma clinical trials.

This investment comes at a critical time for BioTech, since just 13% of treatments that enter clinical trials make it to market, highlighting the increasing complexity of therapeutic development and increased competitive pressures1.

Rivia’s objective is to improve the clinical trial lifecycle, enabling BioTechs to be more successful in creating new treatments using its technology. Rivia, founded by seasoned biopharma experts who understand the industry’s pain issues, focuses on developing user-friendly software for BioTech organizations. Consequently, Rivia is transforming the clinical trial lifecycle by tackling challenges like fragmented data and out-of-date visualization tools. Moreover, the company’s breakthrough technology enables BioTechs to better analyze trial data, resulting in faster and more efficient pathways to market for their medications.

Rivia CEO and co-founder Erik Scalfaro stated:

“Our platform goes beyond data integration and transforms how BioTechs evaluate their medications throughout the development lifecycle. Our founding expertise is in gathering data from clinical trial service providers and providing self-service analytics for medical and clinical operations. Moreover, this year, we will provide AI-powered analytics and AI-enabled workflows to improve data interactions. Our objective is to provide BioTechs with the tools they need to produce breakthrough, life-saving treatments, and we’re excited by the promising results we’re witnessing.”

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Rivia addresses an industry-wide inefficiency: current data collection breakthroughs are not matched by system integration capabilities or user-friendly web applications that require minimal customization. The transition to novel drug treatments, such as mRNA vaccines, newly approved gene-editing therapies2, and AI-discovered drugs3, emphasizes the critical need to shift from traditional, slow clinical trial practices to a nimble, tech-centric approach that navigates the uncertainties associated with these ground-breaking treatments4.

Andrea Zitna, Partner at Speedinvest, said:

“Speedinvest feels delighted to work with Erik and Tiago to lead Rivia’s seed round. Rivia’s infrastructure and AI-powered platform transform how BioTech businesses access and analyze clinical trial data, get insights, and make real-time choices. Further, the feedback from their customers is phenomenal, and we believe Rivia has the potential to become the industry gold standard.”

Marta G. Zanchi, Founder & Managing Partner at Nina Capital, stated:

“Rivia stands out for its novel approach to centralizing and visualizing multiple sources of clinical trial data in real-time, requiring minimal integration efforts and enabling proactive patient monitoring. Furthermore, we feel confident that Rivia’s two-pronged value proposition, focused on improving operational efficiency and lowering risks, meets the needs of thousands of BioTechs worldwide — and we feel thrilled to see this European company deliver with such deep domain expertise, creativity, and ingenuity.”

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