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RoboBurger Inc., a New Jersey-based startup that created the first robot burger vending machine, is making headlines. Through a collaboration with the private equity firm Promethean Investments, the startup has raised $10 million in seed 2 funding.

The money will enable RoboBurger Inc. to expand and scale manufacturing of RoboBurger Mark 2 devices, which grill, toast, add condiments, and assemble a burger in four minutes.

To paraphrase Bill Gates, Michael Burt, founding partner of Promethean LLP, says, “We think Roboburger & its meal combinations will make the world fairly spectacular compared to today. With patented methods, Audley and his team have produced a wonderful (great) invention that addresses the difficulties of grilling fresh food in the robotic vending machine.”

He further added, “Promethean thinks Roboburger’s emphasis on automation and robotics offers the answers to the problems with labor availability, cost, and inflation that we currently face in the hospitality and food manufacturing industries. We are eager to assist in expanding Roboburger internationally.

RoboBurger Inc., founded in 2019 by Audley Wilson, Dan Braido, and Andy Siegel, is the company that created RoboBurger, the first fully autonomous robotic burger vending machine that cooks and assembles burgers of restaurant quality.

“Interest from all across the world has been enormous,’ we were told. As we continue to roll out RoboBurger units across the US, this additional amount of funding will enable us to quickly scale up and meet the great demand, according to Audley Wilson, CEO of RoboBurger Inc.

The business collaborates with some of the biggest businesses in the US to assist them to improve their food selections by enabling access to freshly prepared meals within any location, be it a workplace, school, hospital, or transportation center.

One of the biggest urban truck rest stop chains, Pilot Flying J in Newark, a university in Queens, New York, and the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan are all locations where the company is introducing its second-generation devices.

“Since we originally launched our pop-up shop, we’ve received a lot of feedback that has allowed us to enhance the flavor of our burgers and the time it takes to prepare them. Customers may now enjoy a hot, freshly cooked burger in around 4 minutes thanks to our newest equipment, which takes these adjustments into account,” said CTO of RoboBurger Inc., Dan Braido.

Image Credit: RoboBurger


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