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Google Passkey

Now You Can Protect Your high-risk Google Account with a Single-use Passkey

See how the Advanced Protection Program by Google lets you protect your high-risk Google account with a single passkey. It

Google AI Bard

Google to Integrate ChatGPT-like AI into Search Engine to Compete with Microsoft’s Bing

Alphabet-owned, Google CEO Sundar Pichai has said that the search engine will soon receive an integration similar to ChatGPT, Google

Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel

Samsung Galaxy A54 vs Google Pixel 6a: Mid-Range Showdown for Design, Camera, and Software

Smartphone manufacturers are always vying to release devices that strike a balance between affordability and quality. Two of the most

Bard AI by Google

Bard AI, Google’s latest AI chatbot rival, launches in the USA and the UK

Alphabet-owned Google has launched its own conversational AI called Bard in the USA and UK. After ChatGPT gained popularity for

Bard AI by Google

Google AI ChatBot – BARD

Alphabet-owned Google plans to release competing software Google Bard AI on the market to take on the makers of the chatbot