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Industrial IoT Solutions startup FOSSA Systems
Europe Startups

FOSSA Systems raises €6.3 Million in a funding to boost Industrial IoT Solutions

FOSSA Systems, a startup that provides global industrial IoT solutions and Space Technologies, announced it has raised €6.3 million in

EoT Labs' Open-Source Network - peaq
Europe Startups

Securing $15M in funding, EoT Labs’ open-source network, peaq, is poised to construct decentralized apps accessible globally

Berlin-based startup EoT Labs‘ open-source network peaq has raised $15 million in a fundraising round. Investors: In a pre-launch multi-tranche

Sustainable Agriculture: Agrow Analytics
Europe Startups

Agrow Analytics drives sustainable agriculture with €650K funding for smart irrigation

Agrow Analytics, a Malaga-based ClimateTech Startup, raises €650K for precision irrigation in sustainable agriculture. The round was led by GoHub

5G Technology

5G Technology: The Catalyst for a Connected Future of Emerging Technologies and IoT

5G technology is the latest iteration of mobile network technology that is set to revolutionize the internet of things (IoT)