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Industrial IoT Solutions startup FOSSA Systems
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FOSSA Systems raises €6.3 Million in a funding to boost Industrial IoT Solutions

FOSSA Systems, a startup that provides global industrial IoT solutions and Space Technologies, announced it has raised €6.3 million in

Defense Technology startup, Blackswan Space
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Defense Technology Innovator Blackswan Space secures €760k in a pre-seed funding

Blackswan Space, a Vilnius-based SpaceTech startup that creates cutting-edge software solutions for challenging space and defense technology, has raised a

Euclid Space Telescope

Euclid: Shedding Light on the Cosmic Puzzle of Dark Matter and Dark Energy

Dark matter and dark energy are the two most significant unknowns in space. The European spacecraft “Euclid” is now expected

SpaceTech Startup - Look Up Space
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French SpaceTech startup, Look Up Space, raises largest seed round of French SpaceTech to date of $14M

Look Up Space, a French SpaceTech startup has received €14 million in funding, making it the second-biggest seed round in