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The HR-tech startup Buddee, based in Amsterdam, announced that it had secured €1 million in funding from a group of influential angel investors.

Buddee intends to use the funds to increase the team size and enhance its offerings. The Dutch business also plans to utilize the money to make it easier to integrate with workforce planning software like Shiftbase and recruitment software like Homerun and Recruitee.

It is already simple to connect Buddee to the Nmbrs payroll system and several accounting software programs.

Small to medium-sized firms (SMEs) typically invest a significant amount of time and resources in managing HR-related issues, such as payroll administration, HR, and employee benefits.

“I couldn’t locate comparable solutions for Dutch SMEs back home. According to Toonen, foreign HR software providers either don’t take Dutch law into account or concentrate on businesses and create software with a lot of extra functions.

An online platform has been created by Dutch HR tech startup Buddee to simplify this procedure for SMEs.

In 2020, Rob Toonen (CEO), Jasper Lammertink (CTO), and Jean-Luc Bonnier (Head of Sales) founded Buddee, a cloud platform for HR management for SMEs.

By organizing and streamlining all HR-related administrative tasks, such as payroll, employee benefits, and employment law, the platform assists SMEs more effectively.

According to Jean-Luc Bonnier, “We also assist smaller accounting and HR consultancy firms by removing the payroll administration from their hands or by allowing them to use our platform to communicate more effectively and securely with their clients.”

“The lockdowns required SMEs workers to work from home, which was a significant change for them. How should these businesses manage travel expenses, vacation days, and working from home? Our platform aids SMEs in overcoming these administrative difficulties,” said Rob.

Rob further added, “Excel spreadsheets, email, and paper documents are still widely used by many businesses for administrative purposes. Everything is included in a single digital ecosystem. This frees up time and hassle for business owners, employees, and their accountants so they can concentrate on the welfare of their workforce. That is not a luxury in the current job market.”

Image Credit: Buddee


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