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Greek startup Welcome Pickups has received an additional €5.3 million to support aspirations for international expansion. The TravelTech team provides a platform that lets customers design unique and healthy travel itineraries.

The €5.3 million investment is backed by existing investors Market One Capital, Flashpoint, and Venture Friends. The startup follows a year that saw a growth rate of 50%.

Travel startups are rapidly adopting tech-based methods to travel, utilizing technology to offer hyper-personalized experiences and excursions, as the travel sector has successfully recovered from the epidemic.

Since the epidemic, consumers have developed a thirst for more customized experiences, and we are now putting a greater emphasis on creating complete, personalized experiences with added value and elegance when booking travel.

Travel companies today need to stay one step ahead of the competition to give customers what they want and respond to new demands and expectations. This is due to increased personalization across industries and the pervasive influence of social media.

One of the travel service providers that were able to endure these difficult times and invented the personalized travel experience is Welcome Pickups, established in 2015 before the epidemic. It has now obtained more funds to grow.

Welcome Pickups, an Athens-based company, promises to provide a comprehensive in-destination travel experience. Welcome Pickups provides for all types of traveler needs via the site, including transportation, travel goods, itineraries, things to do, and relevant information.

It was established to personalize and redefine travel. Given that one of the most significant industry trends is the personalization of travel, it’s safe to assume that this business, which has been in business since 2015, has been ahead of the curve in this area.

With this funding to end the year, the firm can look back on a successful year of development, which included a 50% growth rate and the introduction of over 30 new destinations, bringing the platform’s total locations to 100 worldwide while also serving over 1M travelers.

The startup’s primary goal is to improve processes through the use of technology, increasing product-led automation overall. A claimed 8x decrease in human touch per booking has resulted from this.

The purpose of the additional money is to accelerate global growth. The company’s geographic expansion would be accelerated to quadruple its destination network, according to CEO Alex Trimis, who also stressed the importance of adding new locations in North and South America. To promote the company’s aim of providing a comprehensive, customized, and inclusive in-destination travel experience for everybody, a portion of the cash will also be used to develop new products and enhance customer experience.

Image Credit: Welcome Pickups


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