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Another feature introduced to WhatsApp is a context card that makes it easier for users to get more information about unknown members in a group chat. Find out the way this update helps secure against fraud and enhances the experience of the application.


WhatsApp is on the move to stand up and employ strategies that will shield users. The messaging app has announced that it has started introducing the context card function that would assist the clients in detecting scams in the group chats.

Recognizing Scam Group Chats:

The filtered scenario will show essential data if a user is included in the group chat by the unknown contact using the new context card. This refers to information about the group creator, popular groups, and the country of registration of the phone number.

Global Rollout:

Among the 2 billion active users, organizations are slowly expanding the context card feature to WhatsApp. This week marks the start, and the full launch will follow in the coming weeks.

Enabling Users: 

While utilizing the new context card, users are reputable; they make informed decisions. Concerning the options, they can reply, add them, block them, or report any suspicious activities from the contacts.

Options for Protection and Fast Exit: 

There is a ‘quick exit from the group’ button that lets the user leave the chat without seeing more unwanted content. For additional details about the options that WhatsApp has put in place to improve user safety, there is a ‘Safety Tools’ link.

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Suspected Users and Reporting of Users:

WhatsApp encourages blocking and reporting of users it labels as suspicious. This is good because it reduces the chances of other individuals being fleeced by the same account.

More on the safety of WhatsApp:

The officials of WhatsApp have pledged themselves to ensure that the application embraces safety. To minimize the occurrence of spam and unwanted messages it endeavors greatly.

Security risks:

Being a potential scam, any unknown person can communicate with you through WhatsApp just like phone calls or text messages. They can attempt to deceive you into providing your identity number or some cash or share fake news.

Indications of Subtle Criminal Activity: 

Stay clear of messages with spelling and or punctuation errors, ask the reader to tap on links, download apps, or share any other information. These are the signs of probable scams.


Thus, it can be concluded that the new WhatsApp context card is a positive step towards improving users’ security. Thus, by giving details about the contacts with whom users have never communicated directly, the application tries to assist in recognizing potential scams in group chats.

Image Credit: WhatsApp


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