Pre-Seed funding of €1 million has been received by Wonnda, a Berlin-based B2B platform that links brands and European producers in the consumer goods sector. Recognized angel investors and business owners from the European digital industry followed the co-led round by Berlin-based IBB Ventures and Belgian venture capital fund Pitchdrive.

With the current funding, Wonnda intends to keep growing its network of carefully selected manufacturers and bringing on complementary partners, such as service providers and suppliers of packaging. Additionally, the money will be utilized to keep improving the platform to better meet the demands of both brands and manufacturers.

“We have firsthand knowledge of how difficult it is to find and introduce new physical products. Oliver Allmoslechner, the co-founder of Wonnda, claims that many processes haven’t changed in 20 years and that firms still rely on going to physical tradeshows and then on ineffective email cooperation.

Martin Ditzel and Oliver Allmoslechner launched Wonnda in early 2022 intending to streamline the process by which suppliers and consumer brands work together to develop new items. Wonnda describes itself as the environment where new physical products are developed by fusing components of a B2B marketplace with an end-to-end workflow tool.

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Brands and B2B buyers can use the platform’s fully digital product-sourcing solution to find new items, make bids, and effectively manage their supplier relationships in one place. Manufacturers gain from having a digital storefront where they can display their production capabilities, answer inquiries, and take part in bidding processes. Wonnda also provides a project management and integrated communications solution that simplifies project collaboration between all parties and addresses the present problems with manual, error-prone product procurement methods.

“Berlin-based B2B marketplace Wonnda is the all-in-one solution for building consumer products, enabling manufacturers to focus on their core competencies while brands get a central interface to hundreds of factories, so they can have all their products manufactured without leaving the platform,” explains Martin Ditzel.

More than 300 factories across five major product verticals in Europe are actively partnered with the organization. Wonnda provides brands with access to several reliable manufacturers by carefully selecting and vetting their suppliers. The platform has onboarded over 3.000 brands and B2B buyers. Promising startups, rapidly expanding consumer brands, and well-known merchants are among them. Wonnda makes sure that all stakeholders have a seamless manner of working together by additionally evaluating the platform’s buyer side.

Image Credit: Wonnda


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