Syed Salahuddin and Sana Shirazi, a husband and wife team who are passionate about health, nutrition, and fitness, have introduced a variety of genuinely healthy, delectable, ready-to-eat breakfasts and snacks to the Pakistani market as healthy eating and nutritional awareness gain momentum worldwide.

Due to strong sales and the dearth of major competition in the regional market for added sugar-free/healthy snacks, the brand has expanded its retail network and product lineup to include cereals, granola bars, protein bars, high protein ice cream, and cookies.

They began providing healthy and nutritious products sweetened with only natural superfoods like honey, dates, raisins, and figs, without any artificial additives, cheap fillers, or preservatives, after doing considerable study and testing dozens of original formulations. Under the name “Powerfoods,” the pair started their company in 2019 by selling breakfast granolas from their kitchen.

They encountered Syed Sheharyar Ali, an angel investor recognized for supporting firms that improve the lives of Pakistani citizens while looking for funds for growth and scalability. Sheheryar approved the necessary funding right away since he was so impressed with the goods.

With the fresh fund, the brand currently hopes to grow and expand through a customized production facility, an innovatively expanding product line, a nationwide retail distribution network, as well as prospective plans for export.

Image Credit: Power Foods


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