Oware, a Karachi-headquartered B2B warehousing and distribution startup has bagged $3.3 million in pre-seed investment spherical to streamline the supply chain market of Pakistan.

Oware is a new supply chain startup that first entered the Pakistani market last year. Through a connected network of fulfillment centers and third-party logistics providers, the company promises to offer scalable and tech-driven warehousing and distribution for B2B and retail. Its innovative business concepts attracted a huge number of investors and helped the company secure funding.

The business is known for providing B2B smart warehousing and intelligent distribution solutions that provide greater transparency, flexibility, and lower capital costs.

The company’s main purpose was to bridge the gap in the distribution chain by utilizing modern technologies and intelligent solutions. They took advantage of a gap in the B2B product flow by launching a flexible warehousing and distribution network, as well as a responsive reaction to demand variations.

Oware has 18 warehouses in Pakistan, totaling 500,000 square feet, spread across five cities. Oware’s money will go toward expanding its coverage, which the business claims can already give same-day delivery to 75% of the population and next-day delivery to 85%.

Many businesses’ distribution systems are inefficient, resulting in considerable costs and lost time. This is due to a lack of flexibility and understanding, which results in wasteful storage and inventory costs. All of this results in costly and late delivery, as well as a loss of operational visibility. Oware delivers items considerably more quickly and at a lower cost.

“With 2 million SMEs and the expansion of e-commerce in the area, Pakistan has a big opportunity in logistics.” We believe Oware is in a strong position to become a key component of a digitally empowered ecosystem. “We are delighted to have been early backers of Adil and Raza and are looking forward to the adventure ahead,” said Charlie Graham-Brown, Seedstars partner and CIO.

Image Credit: Oware


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