Embedded FinTech startup Firenze
Europe Startups

Firenze raises £750K to revolutionize wealth management with embedded FinTech

In a pre-seed angel round, Manchester-based embedded FinTech platform Firenze raised £750K at a valuation of £3.75 million. The investment

Energy Transition Insights - Camion Team
Europe Startups

Camion raises €2.7 Million in pre-seed funding to unlock energy transition insights

Camion, a London-based power and electric vehicle charging intelligence and analytics platform, raises €2.7 million in a pre-seed funding round

Dog Food
Europe Startups

Superfood meals are the focus of UK-based startup Marleybones’ €1M investment, which aims to reinvent dog food

Fresh dog food startup Marleybones, which is well-known for its pantry fresh® solution, has announced a new €1 million seed

AI Assistant Startup - Metaview
Europe Startups

Raising €6.4 million, Metaview is developing the ultimate AI assistant to enhance hiring processes

London-based, AI assistant startup, Metaview, which assists teams in eliminating labor and bureaucracy from their hiring process, has raised €6.4

Reproductive HealthCare Insurance Startup - Juniper
Europe Startups

Juniper raises €1.7 Million funds to lead the way in reproductive healthcare insurance

Juniper, a new supplier of reproductive healthcare insurance has raised €1.7 million in a pre-seed funding round, led by InsurTech

Menopause Care Elektra Health Founders
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FemTech startup, Elektra Health secures $3.3M seed funding to enhance menopause care platform

Elektra Health, a HealthTech startup specializing in menopause care, unveils a $3.3 million investment round. UPMC Enterprises, the company’s innovation

Women's Health Revolution: Unfabled
Europe Startups

€1.6 Million investment fuels Unfabled’s mission to transform the women’s health and wellness market

To close the gender health gap, Unfabled, a premier resource for women’s health and wellness, announced a €1.6 Million round,

B2B Payments FinTech Kriya
Europe Startups

UK’s B2B Payments FinTech Kriya Raises €58M for Unprecedented Growth

The B2B payments FinTech startup Kriya has obtained a fresh €58 million fundraising round from Viola Group, a longstanding loan

Generative AI Design: Recraft
Europe Startups

Revolutionizing Professional Design: Recraft Secures €11 Million Series A for Advancing Generative AI Design

Professional generative AI design generator tool, Recraft secures €11M in a Series A fundraising round. Nat Friedman, the former CEO

AI Video Generation Immersive Fox
Europe Startups

UK-based Immersive Fox, an AI Video Generation startup picks €3.3M in a Seed funding round

Immersive Fox, a digital startup specializing in AI-generated videos for sales and corporate communication, has received a €3.3 million Seed