What are the world’s top websites? It’s a question that many of us have wondered, and depending on whom you ask, there are countless alternate explanations. However, the solution is obvious if we’re utilizing popularity to identify the greatest website.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the top websites below, including social media, streaming services, search engines, and online stores.
Along with these well-known websites, we’ve emphasized their content, reasons for popularity, and some lessons you may use for your web design project.

Much more goes into creating a successful website than just an attractive design. You should be able to design your potential competitor in the popularity stakes using these 20 examples as a guide.

Continue reading to see our selection of the top 20 websites for 2022, which includes the most visited sites worldwide.

Introducing the 20 most popular websites

1. Google

Google is without a doubt the most widely used search engine, but this year it continues to hold the top rank as the most visited website online. Google reports about 40k searches every second, for a total of over 1.2 trillion searches annually.

Google is the go-to source for any information that is sought. In addition, Google is now the central location for a wide range of other web services, such as Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and many others.

2. YouTube

This website moved up the list two spots this year as a result of growing data that are already impressive. Every single day, around 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube.

Over 30 million people visit YouTube every day. Over 300 minutes of video are posted to YouTube every minute. For a very long time to come, YouTube is anticipated to remain in the top three.

3. Amazon

Amazon still ranks among the top three most visited websites on the internet, down one spot from the previous year, and still rules the online commerce sector.

Visitors to the website can buy their preferred books, clothes, groceries, home items, and more from! And if they join Prime, those products can be delivered to their front door for free in just one or two days! It’s no surprise that Amazon is a leader again this year given its enormous selection of products and outstanding customer service.

4. Facebook

The most popular social networking site in the world is Facebook. The way people communicate and conduct their lives has altered as a result of its creative design.

The website has an amazing 2.37 billion users per month. As of January 2020, 1.66 billion people were deemed daily active users (Facebook DAU), which marks a 9% growth from the previous year.

5. Yahoo

Yahoo is still operational. For a very long time, Yahoo was the top news and search engine, and it is still one of the most visited websites today. However, the concept has altered a little bit because it has gained more popularity for news, articles, finance, etc. rather than just as a search engine.

6. Reddit

The website describes itself as the “Front Page of the Internet.”, which was developed as a platform for social sharing and engagement, has grown incredibly popular among internet users of all ages and has moved up 11 ranks since last year, making it our single biggest mover!

Users can contribute their favorite articles, memes, and graphics to Reddit for other users to enjoy. The goal is for each post to reach the main page and receive views, so each one is then voted on and ranked by popularity.

7. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia with entries on almost every historical occasion, place, and subject you can imagine. Wikipedia is frequently used to find answers to simple questions and do introductory research.

Over 1.8 modifications are made to Wikipedia every second by contributors from around the globe. The website is among the most popular on the Internet with over 13.89 million daily visitors.

8. eBay

Online enthusiast Pierre Omidyar introduced AuctionWeb as a component of his website in 1995. The first successful sale on the website was a defective laser pointer for $14.83. Since changing its name from AuctionWeb to eBay in 1997, the e-commerce company now has offices across 30 different nations.

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With 138 million accounts, eBay has roughly 35 percent of the mobile market in the United States covered. In its most recent reporting period, San Jose, California-based eBay reported over $10 billion in revenue.

9. Bing

Despite not being the most used search engine in the world, Microsoft’s Bing is making progress. Bing was first introduced by Steve Ballmer at the All Things Digital conference in 2009, and as of right now, it ranks third in terms of global search engine usage, only behind Google and China’s Baidu.

33 percent of Americans use Bing when conducting online searches. Yahoo! also employs the Bing engine for a number of its platforms and products. After the United States, the company’s second and third largest markets are the United Kingdom and Taiwan.

10. Netflix

To replicate the business strategy of, Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph created Netflix in 1997. What began as a mail-order DVD service has grown into one of the world’s top subscription streaming services. Only China, Syria, North Korea, and Crimea are currently barred from using the platform, which currently counts 148 million users globally. But global expansion has overtaken domestic expansion.

The quantity of new registrations outside of the United States has quadrupled since 2015. However, domestic account creation has increased at a rate that is less than 50%. Netflix is an online behemoth, and it doesn’t appear as though it will ever slow down.

11. MS Office

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote are all included in the lightweight, cloud-based suite, which was first introduced in 2008. Since then, it has undergone numerous modifications and name changes.

It currently ranks as the 11th most visited website on our list. In addition to the software’s appeal among independent contractors, its prevalence in offices around the world is a factor in its popularity. Additionally, Outlook, People, Calendar, and OneDrive are supported by

12. Instructure

Even though Instructure may not be a household name, it ranks as the 12th most popular online platform for 2020. The publisher and creator of the web-based learning management system Canvas, Instructure is situated in Salt Lake City, Utah, and was created by two BYU graduate students.

13. Shopify

No coding experience is necessary thanks to Shopify’s WYSIWYG interface for building digital storefronts for enterprises and entrepreneurs. The Canadian business provides several useful functions, such as payment processing, shipping services, and numerous options for client engagement.

What began as a little startup in 2004 has grown into a global company with earnings of over $1.5 billion in 2019. Shopify is ranked 13th on our list of the “most popular websites” because it supports more than a million sellers and businesses and has handled more than $100 billion in sales throughout its existence.

14. Twitch

Twitch is the fourteenth most visited website. Twitch, an subsidiary, entered the market in 2011. Twitch is a well-known website for live-streaming video games that now also broadcasts esports competitions and events in addition to individual account holders’ streams. The site has drawn all different kinds of content creators recently, from independent news channels to channels that review movies.

Twitch had 2.2 million broadcasters with accounts as of 2018, and 15 million people used the service every day. The website has approximately 27,000 third-party channels as partners as of this writing. 81.5 percent of Twitch users are male, and 55 percent of them are in the highly sought-after advertising age range of 18 to 34.

15. CNN

Mogul In 1980, Ted Turner established the Cable News Network, also known as CNN. It was the first American channel to provide round-the-clock news coverage at the time. As of 2018, the channel is available through cable packages in 90.1 million American homes. Since its 1995 online debut, CNN has grown to become one of the most well-known news websites in the world.

The platform combines expert reporting with blogs and live streaming. An American edition, an Arabic version, a Spanish version, and an international version are all kept up to date on CNN’s website as of 2016. The digital platform of CNN is “the #1 online news destination across all platforms, with more unique visitors and video starts than any competition,” according to press room statistics.

16. Linkedin

LinkedIn, a Microsoft subsidiary and one of the busiest professional networking sites online, comes in at number 16 on FreshySites’ list of the 20 most visited websites. LinkedIn is used by people to post articles and resumes.

It is used by businesses as a job posting tool and for HR recruiting. In 150 countries, there are roughly 630 million registered users on LinkedIn as of 2019. India, China, Brazil, and the United Kingdom are LinkedIn’s second-largest markets after the United States.

17. Instagram

Facebook-owned Instagram, also known as IG or Insta, is one of the most well-known social media platforms on the planet and lets users upload and comment on pictures and videos. Within two months of its 2010 launch, the website had one million users.

Around a billion people have active accounts today, and they log in at least once a month. More impressively, Instagram Stories is used daily by 500 million users. With 32 language options, Instagram was the fourth most downloaded app between 2010 and 2019.

18. Intuit

Intuit is a website that provides accounting, financial, and tax preparation tools for small businesses. The two primary platforms used by Intuit are QuickBooks and TurboTax. Additionally, it provides many payroll tools in addition to well-known corporate goods like ProConnect Tax Online.

On Fortune’s list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For, Intuit is ranked number 11, and its sales in 2019 were $6.8 billion. Since a large number of Intuit customers depend on the platform for their everyday company activities, it receives a lot of traffic and ranks number 18 on our list.

19. NBC News

Despite being constantly criticized as “failing,” the New York Times has improved over the previous few years. More than 3.5 million members already pay for one or more of the news media company’s internet offerings, totaling 4.5 million. The majority of Times subscribers check the website numerous times a day, making it a popular destination.

It is praised by many as a “paper of record” and receives significant traffic. However, the company’s viability depends on the expansion of the digital market, and it aspires to acquire 10 million digital users in the next five years.

20. Chase

As one of the “Big Four” American banks, Chase oversees about $3 trillion in assets and has more than 5,000 locations nationwide. Nearly half of American families, according to the business, have a Chase banking account, and the vast majority of those clients use the company’s online platform.

Chase’s comprehensive online banking platform enables account holders to do a wide range of functions, including bill payment and check deposit. Chase is ranked 20th on our list of the top 20 most visited websites thanks to its significant daily online traffic.

Final Reflections

The top 20 websites are listed there for your convenience. It’s fascinating to witness the upward and downward movement since last year. Some of these websites will undoubtedly be on the list this year, but we are eager to see how things develop.


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