Amsterdam’s TravelTech startup NeoKe has secured funding of €1.3 million from Dreamcraft Ventures, ff Venture Capital, GHARAGE: Vision Hub of Gebr.Heinemann and Plug & Play. The funding will be used to forward the development of its ground-breaking decentralized digital identity and travel biometrics solutions.

Vikas Bhola and Sebastian Honores, former executives at who now run the Amsterdam-based business, want to revolutionize the travel sector by building a platform that makes travel easier and more connected for both customers and service providers.

Travelers have complete visibility and control over their data thanks to NeoKe’s platform, which leverages blockchain and cloud-based technologies to securely store and distribute users’ verified identities. A customized single traveler profile will be possible thanks to the platform, which will also simplify procedures like check-in, guest authentication, access control, and data management for the travel industry.

According to NeoKe CEO and co-founder Vikas Bhola, “We finally have the technology to address this issue of making travel more seamless and connected.” Nothing is more valuable in the current world than a person’s data and identity. To realize our vision of building “the connected trip,” which enables secure, seamless, and individualized information exchange spanning all stages, from planning and booking to the actual travel experience, Sebastian and I are incredibly thrilled to be partnering with Dreamcraft, ff Venture Capital, GHARAGE, and Plug & Play.

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Neoke Connect, an identity management and automation platform for travel companies, and Neoke Wallet, a digital wallet that lets travelers securely store and share their data at their choice, are the startup’s two main products.

Consumers are placing a higher priority on data privacy, and NeoKe’s ground-breaking platform helps to protect users’ data by establishing each person as the only owner of their data. NeoKe will use the money to advance the development of its technology and go-to-market strategies as they pioneer advancements for digital identification in the travel industry.

We are happy to help NeoKe in its effort to make traveling safer and more convenient. Data breaches are occurring more frequently, firms are being forced by regulations to be better data stewards, and customers want back control over their personal information. Given the high friction, sensitive information, and regulatory restrictions involved, the travel use case is the ideal testing ground for a solution, according to Kenneth Dambo of Dreamcraft Ventures, which is leading this round. We’re eager to see how NeoKe’s technology will affect the travel industry because of its enormous potential.

NeoKe was founded in 2022, and its co-founders have over three decades of combined industry experience. Their expanding team is in a unique position to identify the gap in travel and create a platform to give answers. Microsoft is the startup’s technology partner, and they also won the Microsoft Hackathon last year.

Image Credit: NeoKe


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