Industrial AI startup - RESONIKS
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Industrial AI startup RESONIKS, raises €2.65M, to analyze acoustic responses from resonating items to identify anomalies

The Hague-based, industrial AI startup RESONIKS, which analyzes acoustic responses from resonating items to identify anomalies, has disclosed raising €2.65

Cultured Beef Pioneer: Mosa Meat
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Cultured Beef pioneer Mosa Meat secures €40 Million for consumer adoption

Mosa Meat, a leader in the production of cultured beef, announced they are welcoming both new and existing partners to

Sustainable Tennis and Padel Balls by Renewaball
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Renewaball secures €3 Million funding to minimize environmental footprint of tennis and padel balls

The startup that created the first circular padel and tennis balls in history, Renewaball, has successfully raised over €3 million

EV Charging Innovation: DeftPower
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DeftPower, the Dutch EV Charging platform, has successfully obtained funding from 4impact Capital

Arnhem-based, DeftPower, a SaaS platform for EV charging with AI help has secured funding, led by 4impact Capital. Proeza Capital,

Intelligent Audit Automation: DataSnipper
Europe Startups

DataSnipper raises $100M for intelligent audit automation, achieves $1B valuation

Amsterdam-based DataSnipper, an intelligent audit automation platform for finance and auditing, has raised $100M in a Series B fundraising round.

Sustainable Mining: Sirius Founders
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Amsterdam’s Sirius Secures €1.2 Million for Sustainable Mining Innovation in Metals Industry

Sirius, dedicated to sustainable mining transformation, secures €1.2 million in oversubscribed pre-seed funding for groundbreaking advancements in the metals and

Cycling App - JOIN
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JOIN Cycling App Secures €1.5 Million for product enhancement and expansion in UK & US markets

Following its triumph in the Netherlands and Belgium, JOIN, an adaptable cycling app for personalized training regimens for recreational cyclists,

BNPL Payment Solution: Billink
Europe Startups

Billink Secures €29.5M Investment to strengthen position as premier BNPL Payment Solution in Benelux

Netherlands-based BNPL Payment Solution startup, Billink, secures €29.5 million in funding from the German Varengold Bank. Billink BNPL solution is

Global Healthcare Infrastructure - Founda Health
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Founda Health Fortifies Global Healthcare Infrastructure through Strategic Acquisition of Philips Interoperability Solutions

Founda Health, an Amsterdam-based technology business, has acquired Philips Interoperability Solutions, formerly Forcare. Founda Health plays a pivotal role in

Online Delivery Startup
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Online Grocery delivery startup Picnic snaps €355M Funding

The online grocery delivery Picnic, based in Amsterdam, has raised €355 million from its investors, which include the Bill &