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A Barcelona-born, London-based Web3 gaming startup Eterlast has raised $4.5 million in a funding round led by Supernode Global, with participation from Play Ventures, Active Partners, Founders Factory, Stake Capital, and Immutable X.

In the coming 12 months, the Spanish startup will build vibrant and sustainable communities by acquiring users and expanding brand collaborations.

“We are on a mission, establishing the bridge for the next billion fans to access Web3,” explains Joan Roure, CEO, and founder of Eterlast. Our goal is to unify disparate international sports that draw from hundreds of millions of devoted followers.

When it comes to gaming, collecting, and attending live events, Joan continued, “We view NFTs not as a product but rather as a technology that enhances the experience of current use cases. With that view, we are building holistic ecosystems that combine those three elements. This funding will enable us to launch our first officially licensed products and build robust pillars to keep scaling.

Eterlast is a Web3 firm that creates branded Web3 games by collaborating with top media and sports organizations worldwide. Eterlast was founded by Joan Roure, a native Spaniard with a background in gaming and finance.

The Spanish company, which was created by Founders Factory’s venture studio, partners with Queensberry Promotions to work in two of the biggest international sports, boxing, and rugby.

As a result of the arrangement, the business will have access to the largest boxing library, which includes contests including, among others, Mike Tyson, Tyson Fury, and Ricky Hatton.

Immutable X, a scaling solution created with StarkWare’s zero-knowledge-proof technology, powers Eterlast.

The Layer 2 solution will make sure that these assets are protected by Ethereum’s tried-and-true security and continue to exist in a decentralized ecosystem.

With the help of this collaboration, well-known sports companies may use gasless, frictionless, and carbon-neutral NFTs to increase their digital footprint and monetize huge content repositories by producing digital assets for fans without sacrificing brand protection.

The company currently has 16 or so employees.

Supernode Global’s Oli Strong continues, “We are thrilled to be heading Eterlast’s Seed round. The team did an outstanding job establishing unique partnerships and intellectual property to integrate with their platform. In our opinion, there is significant market potential at the nexus of Sport and Web3, and Eterlast is ideally situated to take advantage of it. We’re excited to take part in this crucial moment for the company together with many other specialized investors.

Image Credit: Eterlast


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