Shipping Cost Optimization Software: Harbor Lab
Europe Startups

Harbor Lab raises €14.7 million to modernize maritime accounting, using its platform to revolutionize shipping cost optimization

A €14.7 million series A financing round has been raised by Harbor Lab, a marine software business that is modernizing

Affordable HealthCare Innovation by Axmed
Europe Startups

Swiss Startup, Axmed secures $2M to revolutionize access to affordable HealthCare in emerging markets

Switzerland-based Axmed, a two-sided B2B marketplace platform, has raised $2 million in seed funding, to enhance affordable HealthCare access in

Industrial AI startup - RESONIKS
Europe Startups

Industrial AI startup RESONIKS, raises €2.65M, to analyze acoustic responses from resonating items to identify anomalies

The Hague-based, industrial AI startup RESONIKS, which analyzes acoustic responses from resonating items to identify anomalies, has disclosed raising €2.65

Manufacturing Efficiency by
Europe Startups

Deltia picks €4.5M to tackle manufacturing labor shortage through AI and Computer Vision, optimizing manufacturing efficiency

Deltia, a Berlin-based computer vision software company, recently secured €4.5 million in a seed funding round aimed at enhancing manufacturing

Fertility Innovation by Ovom Care
Europe Startups

Berlins’s Ovom Care elevates fertility innovation using its platform, raising €4.8 Million in funding

Berlin-based Ovom Care, a leading provider in fertility innovation, has concluded its €4.8 million Seed fundraising round, emphasizing digital advancement

Carbon Credits from “Nature-based Solutions" by goodcarbon
Europe Startups

Berlin’s goodcarbon raises €5.25 Million, unlocking the value of carbon credits from “Nature-based Solutions”

goodcarbon, a Berlin-based start-up specializing in high-quality carbon credits from “Nature-based Solutions” announces the successful closing of their funding round

Energy Transition Insights - Camion Team
Europe Startups

Camion raises €2.7 Million in pre-seed funding to unlock energy transition insights

Camion, a London-based power and electric vehicle charging intelligence and analytics platform, raises €2.7 million in a pre-seed funding round

AI-Powered Communication Parloa Founders
Europe Startups

Berlin’s Parloa snaps €61.7M in a Series B round to scale and enhance its AI-powered communication platform for customer service

Parloa, the forefront provider of AI-powered communication for customer support, has successfully secured €61.7 million in a Series B funding

B2B Embedded Finance platform finmid
Europe Startups

finmid picks €35M funding and collaborates with industry giants to deploy its B2B Embedded Finance solutions throughout Europe

finmid, a trailblazer in B2B Embedded Finance infrastructure, has emerged from stealth mode, announcing €35 million in initial equity funding.

Cultured Beef Pioneer: Mosa Meat
Europe Startups

Cultured Beef pioneer Mosa Meat secures €40 Million for consumer adoption

Mosa Meat, a leader in the production of cultured beef, announced they are welcoming both new and existing partners to