Batoor, a Swabi-based, on-demand delivery startup has raised pre-seed investment from Astore Partners.

Batoor is a first-of-its-kind on-demand delivery platform that brings everything you need from the local market to your home in minutes. The startup’s aim and mission are to digitize the local food and retail industry, deliver its products to customers, save customers valuable time and money, and generate jobs for locals. Batoor is a consumer and business-oriented delivery service that is fresh, fast, convenient, and economical, benefits both retailers and consumers.

Sanad Khan founded Batoor in 2019 as a B2B2C service that delivers food, groceries, parcels, and medicines. Batoor also provides a Batoor for Businesses service.

“Alhamdulillah, we have created over a dozen local employment, made over Rs. 4 million in revenue while delivering over 20000 orders, and most significantly, we have been able to assist a large number of clients. InshaAllah, as Batoor expands, we hope to provide even more convenience and wealth to a region that is frequently forgotten. With planned development in Swabi and Nowshehra, as well as the continued delivery of personalized and ever-improving service, the coming year has a lot of promise “- remarked Sanad, the company’s founder.

Image Credit: Batoor


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