Sharpist, a Berlin-based digital coaching company, has raised $23 million in Series A funding, tapping into a $300 billion untapped market for digital coaching in the corporate learning and development sector.

The company will use the fresh funds to fuel its aim of driving organizational and individual growth through digital coaching and individualized learning journeys. Through its smartphone and web apps, the German platform connects businesses with personal business coaches from an international network of certified coaches, as well as individualized learning content.

It wants to increase the size of its 100-person staff in 2022, solidifying its position as the market leader in digital coaching. It will use the new funds to expand across Europe and develop new products with a focus on customer experience. In addition, the company intends to grow into other areas, such as the United Kingdom and Ireland, by creating a branch in London soon.

“The new cash allows us to continue investing in our industry-defining product experience and gradually establish Sharpist as the market leader for digital coaching in Europe,” stated Hendrik Schriefer, CEO, and Co-Founder of Sharpist.

“By backing Sharpist, we are furthering our commitment to intellectual empowerment,” said Martijn Hamann, Co-Owner and Partner at Endeit Capital. “Through its data-driven platform, the startup connects the next generation workforce with selected and certificated coaches.”

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