Berlin-based startup, Enapi, a platform of connectivity for collaboration in the electric vehicle (EV) charging market.

The round was led by Project A Ventures. HelloWorld and Seedcamp also participated in the deal. Charge Point Operators and organizations creating and offering digital charging solutions for consumers and companies can connect more easily thanks to this platform.

To achieve their usage goals, Charge station Operators strive for simple connectivity. Meanwhile, eMobility Service Providers aim to provide EV drivers access to every charge station. However, a significant obstacle lies in the lack of technical interoperability between eMobility Service Providers and Charge Point Operators. Existing methods result in low-quality data, are costly, and are not scalable. EV drivers are eventually impacted by these flaws because they lack clarity regarding the costs associated with public charging and receive false information about the availability of charging stations.

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Enapi, an infrastructure layer startup, commits to crafting the safest, most dependable, and highly scalable platform for engaging EV sector stakeholders. Using the OCPI standard to guarantee seamless charging station connectivity, the Enapi Transaction Broker facilitates EV charging transactions. Enapi improves community cooperation and enhances data standards by enabling market participants to embrace and increase the usage of open protocols. However, at present, Enapi exclusively provides access to invited companies. With the money it has received, Enapi hopes to develop clearinghouse features to facilitate charge point connectivity at scale, grow its network, and improve the platform’s data quality.

Jakob Kleihues, co-founder and CEO of Enapi, stated:

“The infrastructure for EV charging is flawed. Enapi plays a pivotal role in enabling charge point connectivity and creating streamlined collaboration to improve the way we charge our electric cars. Moreover, Enapi fuels the green mobility revolution by serving a sizable addressable global market for electric vehicle charging transactions, thereby enhancing the EV driver experience.”

Philipp Werner, a partner at Project A, said:

“The EV market is at an interesting inflection point: Adoption is surging, but public charging is still far from being as seamless as conventional fuel charging. Furthermore, we firmly believe in the potential for an industry-defining, scalable, and reliable connectivity layer. The Enapi founding team possesses the expertise and technological know-how to construct this infrastructure successfully.”

Image Credit: Enapi


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