Paderborn Acto, a decision data intelligence tool for B2B sales teams, has successfully secured €3.7 million in a seed funding round.

With ongoing backing from Adesso Ventures, the round was led by 468 Capital and Cusp Capital. The startup plans to use the funds to improve its goal of helping B2B organizations better utilize data and resolve data silos.

Acto founders established the company to aid B2B sales teams in tackling the critical issues of decentralization and data handling. This challenge could lead to staff members feeling overwhelmed by complex, difficult-to-interpret, and challenging-to-process data—a scenario the founders understand well from their extensive experience implementing CRM and ERP systems.

Sales Empowerment Platform

Acto’s platform, which offers active decision intelligence on top of internal legacy technology (such as CRMs and ERPs) and external data sources, enables sales teams in wholesale, logistics, and B2B consumables. It dramatically increases sales efficiency and revenue by transforming data chaos into actionable insights. Acto proactively finds abnormalities, dangers, and opportunities inside customer data in a world where 80% of insights into customer behavior, such as future sales potential or churn risk, go unnoticed—potentially resulting in a 15% loss in annual income.

Its features give sales representatives “out of the box AI” that offers personalized insights with clear next steps, ranked by likelihood of impacting sales. The sales representative’s CRM or the Acto interface can be used to get these insights. In addition to allowing sales staff to concentrate on the most important tasks, the platform also generates revenue optimization and cross-selling opportunities, automates sales quotations and emails, and easily interfaces with legacy technologies and ERP systems to speed up sales activities.

Market Growth

The market for active decision data intelligence is expected to increase from $14.66 billion in 2023 to $44.63 billion by 2030, according to Fortune Business Intelligence. Acto’s product distinguishes itself with a proprietary data set, an exclusive scoring algorithm, an intuitive user interface that prioritizes important signals, and strong automated workflows.

“B2B sales teams are drowning in a sea of data and customer information from BI dashboards, KPI cards, and spreadsheets, struggling to surface the critical insights on customer behavior & leverage the vast amounts of data at their fingertips,” stated Pascal Salmen, co-founder of acto, about the quickly changing market. Proceeding, “We can advance our mission to improve data interaction inside B2B sales, making every decision significant, thanks to our cooperation with prominent investors 468 Capital and Cusp Capital.”

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Investor Bardo Droege of 468 Capital stated:

“Acto’s capacity to sort through the clutter and provide accurate, doable decision recommendations is not only improving sales efficiency but also has the potential to enhance any department inside an organization, including procurement or logistics. As a result, it is well-positioned to fundamentally alter how businesses use data by bridging data silos, significantly generating observable business consequences, and doing away with uncertainty by giving decision-makers the authority to make judgments.”

Matthias Müller, General Partner at Cusp Capital, stated:

“Instead of trying to replace well-integrated legacy technology (i.e., ERP & CRM systems), acto enables businesses to turn their vast quantities of untapped data into actionable insights – hassle-free. We think this when combined with an amazing staff, will revolutionize the way under pressure SMEs operate.”

The recent infusion of funds also comes from Several seasoned business angels, including Benedikt Franke (Planetly) and Niklas Hellemann (SoSafe), will fuel Acto’s growth and operations. These efforts will include investing in the product roadmap, onboarding new clients, and growing the team to further disrupt the way B2B companies interact with data.

Furthermore, acto is creating technologies to enhance customer data with open-web data, improving Acto’s scoring model and insight prioritization through the use of external data.

Joachim Bach, VP of Sales International at Schäfer Shop, stated:

“Acto’s AI saves our sales teams up to eight hours every week – meaning they are more productive and spend less time analyzing data and more time with the right customers.”

Image Credit: Acto


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