Neem, a leading embedded finance platform in Pakistan, and DNI Group, a prominent investment firm operating across 28 countries, have announced a strategic investment partnership fostering innovation and growth in the embedded finance space. The partnership entails a significant investment by the DNI Group into Neem, including strong product-led synergies across the wider financial wellness space.

This collaboration represents a strong signal for the embedded finance industry and demonstrates a shared vision for transforming the financial landscape in Pakistan. Neem’s financial infrastructure and Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) capabilities enable digital platforms to provide comprehensive embedded financial services to their underserved customers.

“DNI is excited to partner with the high-quality, like-minded individuals at Neem operating in a vibrant, growing economy,” said Ross Venter, CEO of DNI’s technology arm, Digital Ecosystems. “Neem’s goal of providing financial wellness to the Pakistani market aligns with DNI’s objectives around empowering people and enhancing financial and digital inclusion. Through DNI’s strategic investment into Neem, we hope to fast-track the development, exchange, and commercialization of our respective technologies for the benefit of consumers within our global communities.”

The partnership between DNI Group and Neem is aimed at advancing financial wellness, particularly for underserved communities. Neem’s Financial Wellness thesis, which enables businesses and individuals to take control of their financial lives, will be further strengthened by this collaboration. Neem has already established product partnerships with several DNI Group portfolio companies, including Airvantage in the airtime lending space and Paymenow in the earned wage access sector.

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“The partnership and investment from DNI Group, a team of seasoned operators with global expertise, serve as a powerful testament. Their confidence in the embedded finance model, our Neem team’s strong execution capabilities, and our shared vision of empowering Financial Wellness are showcased. Moreover, we aim to uplift communities in Pakistan and emerging markets globally. We are excited about this major milestone in our journey at Neem” said Vladimira Briestenska, co-founder of Neem.

Pakistan’s digital ecosystem continues to grow, defying the global macro-climate, as we remain dedicated to fostering financial resilience and driving economic prosperity for people in Pakistan and beyond. This strategic investment partnership between Neem and DNI Group serves as a significant signal for the market and the digital ecosystem as a whole. Additionally, It reinforces the massive need for serving underserved communities and validates Neem’s vision of enabling financial wellness for all.

About Neem:

Neem is a leading embedded finance platform with a robust financial wellness vision. Neem’s Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform enables digital businesses across various industries to offer embedded financial services to their underserved customers. Neem launched in Pakistan and is building for emerging markets.

About DNI Group:

The DNI Group is a market-leading investment company that facilitates affordable connectivity and convenience for consumers. The DNI Group focuses on assets that can leverage technology to distribute products and services to the telecommunications, banking, and retail sectors.


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